Dj-B13 Invitational Match Vids


After so many request of releasing some videos of this tournament specifically Dj-B13 dirty Sim, I’m going to upload some tonight and host them early tomorrow. Come back here for vids tomorrow.


Is this another april fool joke ? nobody has yet released videos in less than 4 days after a tournament :stuck_out_tongue: I could be wrong though :lol:


Yo where ar the vids? Seriously, unless I saw it in person I probably wouldn’t believe that Sim would win a MvC2 tournament either. Well, they’ll be believers too…:bluu:


The vids will be up here in 30 mins. Get here while they’re hot.


Just watched the second match vid, that guys dhalsim is sick. But it didn’t finish it stopped towards the end. Same thing with the 3rd match :frowning: I guess youre still uploading them.


isn’t it. and I’m getting flamed for losing to that shit? Tell me how the fuck can u beat a SIM like that???


That combo at the end of vid 3 man…crazy. :slight_smile:


Yes I must say the end of the third vid was crazy. :lol:


:lol: nice touch guys :wink:


:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:


oh shit for a second i thought i could have came down and whooped all you guys:lol: Nice work:lol:


where are the links for these vids? i don’t see em in this thread. i also went to the azn angels website and didn’t see them there either. thanks ahead of time.


keep lo0king buddy…:lol:


broken linx



Due to these vids being downloaded over 500 times each over the past 24hrs, we had to take them down due to limited bandwidth. We’ll put up the next installment next year…:lol: :lol: :lol:


shure guy:lol: :lol:



I seem to be only able to download the last 6 of the top section. Can anyone help me with that?



Your a dumbass dog, those are the only ones you can download. Disloyal, fool ass, bitch made punk! Have a nice day! :slight_smile: