Dj-B13 Invitational


Dj-B13 MvC2 Invitational

  1. Dj-B13 ------ Sim/Cable/Sent
  2. Blaziniflo ------ Mag/Sent/Capcom Scrub
  3. Mixup ------- Mag/Storm/Spiral (ground)
  4. Josh Wong ------- Charlie/Sent/Guile Cable/Sent/Guile
  5. Magneto-X -------- MSP/ Santhrax
    Demon Hyo --------- MSP/HYO/ Storm/IM/Cable
  6. Vegita-X -------- Rogue/Storm/Tbonne
    Weapon-X ------- MSP, Mixup, Spiral/cable/sent
  7. Maximus --------- Storm/Sent/Cap
    DBS ----------- Strider/Sent/Doom MSP Mixup
    Miami-X Alex -------- Bison/Cable/Capcom Bison/Storm/Sent
    Sentinels Force ------- Watts/ Santhrax
    13.Infinite --------- MSP Row Mixup
    Khameleon --------- Cable/Storm/Cammy Scrub
    Eder --------------- Storm/Cable/Tbonne
    Roy-Tron ---------------- Storm/Cable/Sent (Proj)
    17.Asian Demon ----------- MSP
    Raekwon ------------ Scrub Watts Strider/Cable/Doom
    BshidoHEAT ------------- Doom/Storm/Cyc
    BPR ------------- Santhrax
    Alex Garvin -------------- Cable/Storm/Cyc
    Mummy-B ------------ Storm/Sent/Cyc
    Julian Fucking Robinson ------- Cyc/Cable/Guile
    Rick Mears --------------- BH/Cable/Cap Santhrax

LastPlace: Chris Tucker ----- Spiderman/Hulk/BBHood (proj)

This was a great tournament. Thanks to everyone that came on such short notice.

–Josh Wong and the Philly Crew finding Chris Tucker in a Gutter and dragging him to Florida overnight.
–Navarro’s 15 different Bison resets
–Infinite and Khameleon plotting on how to rig the brackets
–Blaziniflo killing all magneto’s that dared to jump with an unblockable
–Demon Hyo taking a drink of coke while doing IM infinite with one hand on Chris Tucker
–Rick Mears losing $1 to Chris Tucker
–Dj-B13 winning the entire tournament using Dhalsim/Cable/Sentinel

Thnx to everyone for coming and see everyone at FR6 or ECC8.


Ok I’m not even gonna ask but…


:lol: :lol: yea we plotted hehehe, but u got the places wrong, i beat everyone and got 3rd cuz blaziniflo is too powerfull with his bomb ass sent, i couldnt go in the air or i would die:( :wink: fun tourny see ya soon:


Yo this tourney was off the chain. So much fun. Definitely one of the funnest I’ve been to since Showdown 3.


Who the fuck was wearing the chicken outfit???


Which one? CJ was in the grey one with fluffy feathers and Craig was in the skimpy bikini like thing with the beak thing.


sim/cable/sent??? any videos? i’ve been workin with sim/im/sent, but im really curious to see how he switches sim out, does he build meter then alpha counter cable in, or play sim to tha death, or have some weird way of DHC’ing that is safe. juss curious.


Alex Navarro played Bison in MvC2 and placed 9th place? He never ceases to amaze me with his “I don’t play this game!” skills. :lol: Too powerful sir!

BTW WTF was Craig wearing?!?!?!? :wtf:


good tournament… hahhahaha chicken costumes for everyone too good. i dont know how the fuck brandon did the infinite with one hand and drinks something with the other hand. i had fun. especially from getting head from justin. that just felt great.


thnx josh, it was good for me too. U have to give me tips on my technique tho. I just don’t feel as confident deepthroating as u. I mean damn, u took that shit like a pro.


TOOO FUCKING GOOD! espeacially the the infinte one! pwnage. :lol: damn Dj-B13 won w/ that team! damn toche brian

damn and 15 bison resets!


Let me tell you he took it like a Champ to…


First of I’d just like to say dj-b13 cheated and got some hot asian girl to “sit” on my lap while I was playing him. It wasn’t fair…she had that magical asian power. :eek:

She said she was some popular Korean singer… :confused:

Also… I think BPR would of done better if it hadent been for thos 18 beers before the tourny…He almost got arrested for trying to fuck one of the people in the chicken outfits


Dude I can’t believe I actually was able to do that:eek: But I guess I just got skills ya know

Chris Tucker guy was mad funny:lol: Josh owns Justin so bad now. HAHAHAHA!

I had a lot of fun at this tournament, hope to do it again sometime

Oh yeah, the bison resets made no sense at all:eek: TOO GOOD!


the teams in the results… were they used the whole tourney?
if so… that’s fucken amazing
cuz i seee like fuck around teams and these ppl winning with them
who did mixup lose to?


Mixup got put into the loser’s early by Dj-B13, and then I got put into the loser’s by Dj-B13 in the winner’s finals. Me and Mixup fought in the losers finals. Mixup gave it to me because he thought that I would have a better chance against Dj-B13’s Sim. Don’t laugh, shit’s nothing nice…Can’t zone him with sent for shit.




yeah great tourny everyone fuck I should have gotten first:mad:
fuck no more playing around now its personal. I will practice everyday until I win a major tourny so let it said so it be done.



nice sn
zim counters magneto
so i see how he can lose
but it is zim
after all


We have a lot of footage from this tournament, and it will be released on the DVD (if u haven’t heard, click here ) We’ll be releasing a few of the final matches (Dj-B13’s Sim/Cable/Sent vs Blaziniflo’s Scrub) later this week. Keep a look out.