Dj-B13 MvC2 Chapter~36 Video Bible Trailer out

Oh ok finally a new one :tup: :party: .

Its up, the trailer is out @

Thank you to Blazed for again the hosting.

The main vid will be out on Sunday :tup: .

You know, I’m strangely hurt by not knowing about this or being the one who posts about it :confused: :sad: :rolleyes:…

…naw, jus’ kiddin’ man :razzy:. Good shit :tup:!

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P.S. Where have you been?! Haven’t seen you on AIM in God knows how long.

same 2 u buddy

EDIT: how long is the trailer cause it seems like i dled a bad version that cuts off

great trailer ! I can’t wait for full chapter!

btw wher can I find chapter 34 and 35?
DJ-B13, Can you post here (or send me PM) full list of your production’s (CvS2,Sf3,MvC2)?

Hey Dj-B13 i got all ur vidz but im missing 34 and 35 aswell. Btw trailer waz smokin hot… :tup: :clap:

Old’d / 10

lol looks familiar. hahah :^)

not to be rude…

not to be rude or nething. But why does CV say the inf. in the video is DJ’s? As i recall the inf. in the video belongs to Korngo. I remember dj doing it at evo, i was watching, but then i also remember CJ and me clearifying it to everyone present that it was korngo who made it. Following that clarification was a dirty look to cj from DJB. Not trying to take nething away from DJB, he is a cool guy, but that shit aint his plain and simple. Looking foward to the rest of the vid though. Ok, now whoever wants to flame me for what i just said, be my guest. I could care less.

gnt 3 vid pls

I Agree. As i recall Korngo told me to display the inf at EVO2k4, i dunno if DJB knew the infinite before korngo and I got there, but the inf belongs to my homie Korngo as he made it up. Sorry to intrude, DJB-13’s a cool guy, but Korngo should get the props for making it up:tup:


Who cares who made the damn infinite, it’s pressing a bunch of buttons to inflict damage.


Yea, it is Korngos, He even told me and Taiji a few days before evo, everyone that even talked to me at evo that saw me doing it asked, I always said it was from Korngo. every top player that asked me ranging from David lee to the matrix, I have told that it was A freind of mines Korngo that told me about it.

Not only that, in the vid at the end thier is a big Dedication shoutout to Him.

On ComboVideos was a mistake, it was suposed to just say that I showcased the new storm infinte in thier, the part where it says mines was not suposed to be there.

So i can see the misunderstanding there, i just noticed that too when i saw this post. But dont get mad at me, you know me personally K-Dawg, you know I aint like that. :tup: :party:

Im not mad at you either DJB-13, you a dope Combo maker and executioner :tup:


Hehe :party: :tup: .

Thats good to hear Chunkstizzle, Fellow TEAM SRK teamate :party: .

well the video is pretty much done, just that it has to be released on Sunday. Also where Cj them at??

I miss you guys, cant wait too chill with you all again :tup:

Did you ever release a chapter 20, 31~35 ?

My mistake. Dj simply told me that the inf was new and he showcased it at evo, I made the blunder in assuming it was his. It’s been fixed on the main page. Dj would never try to take credit for something that isn’t his. Thanks to all who left comments on CV, that’s how I found out about it first.

Dj if you have time, you can also upload whichever older volumes you want, or maybe make a request thread and I’ll put some more of your chapters up.


Edit: Those having problems viewing it get VLC player from
here ->

Or check this thread for more codecs

I cannt view it :-/

weird… everything is updated also.

Good stuff Djb :encore:

I can not view the vid either. What is up?

Hehe, No problem Bro :tup: , Thank you for fixing it also.

Oh for those that cannot view the vid, just Download the:

-VLC player.

And you can runit on that, the player it self is very small and a very good play also :party:

Also Eidrian, Umm yes i relased 31-33, 34 and 35 not yet.

But I havent relased 20 either :tup: