DJ Booth at Evo World

Hi everybody.

I’m sure that several people on this website, apart from being fighting game players, veterans and enthusiasts, probably work with music in some way, shape or form. I’ve posted mixes every now and then in older forms of the electronic music threads, and I still continue to record at every chance I can get.

In an interesting conversation with Fuson (SF player and IRC regular), we talked about if we could set up a booth with turntables and CD players at Evolution, with some variety to the music. After debating the idea for a while, we thought it could be a blast and something productive to the event.

This thread has been made with the purpose of gathering up what kind of appeal this would have at Evolution, along with your feedback. Hopefully, with your help and support, this could very well end up as a part of this year’s Evolution.

Please leave some feedback. If possible, vote on the poll too.

Thanks for your time.

-Paco Vilar

Not the worst idea, could go either way really.

i think this is a great idea, i know a lot of DJs in hollywood cuz i’m a promoter for Braveharts and we have a great selection of djs with technic sl1200s and rane mixers with serato

they DJ at cinespace, highlands, forbidden city, florentine gardens, and level 3

so let me know if Evo needs a DJ and i can definitely talk to them to deliver a SRK discount

Actually, I was more or less convincing the people in the actual forum that spin as an added incentive.

But I guess that could also work, but it’s definitely less budget friendly.

As for equipment though, we’d definitely need your help. I have no problems in bringing my DJM500 to Evo, but I’d need Pioneer CDJ1000s (or 800s at least) and at least 2 Technics.

If anything, I’ll give you a head’s up.

i actually spin myself, but i’ll need sl1200s and serato for sure, actually, just get serato, that shit is gdlk

great idea :tup:

just keep it an equal distance away from each station so no game gets more noise than another.

Only if you remix guiles sf2 theme during the ST pools


just supply the mp3s and i’ll be happy to make some crazy vg mixes

watch out for the kids stealing your shit

That would be the biggest problem, of course.

We’ll see what this develops into.

Don’t want to hear your music while I’m trying to concentrate at the biggest tournament of the year. Huge distraction. Thanks. Take it to evo west; that tournament is already a sideshow.

no way man, i want to hear AWESOME mixes of shitty songs

Don’t you guys get that from the 3,000,000 custom MvC2 discs you make anyway ;p?

I agree with Potter though. I personally listen to music when I play anyway, but that’s obviously with headphones and what have you.

And Ryu’s

Then at 3s, remix Dudley’s.

The music would not be overwhelmingly loud.

I don’t know if anyone here went to Evo2k2 but Liku had a setup, and the music was controlled pretty well.

i think a dj would be dope, just don’t spin durring matches. like only play the music up durring 'till the vs screen. and the dj’s can do all the intro music. or durring loading times in the final 8.

but don’t spin durring the matches. and play some dope shit, no eletronica bullshit. lol play some slappers.

I personally spin electronica. House mainly.

I’m running a list of people who spin on the site though, so I’ll let you know what I find.

i spin strictly hiphop and rap…i COULD mix house cuz it’s pretty easy compared to mainstream hiphop, but yeah