DJ combo help / BnB help

I’m just curious… as I never see strider players do it… is the double jump combo worth the risk? I can get it about 60-80% of the time… But I don’t think it does enough to compensate.

Also, what are some of his BnB combos? I know a lot of flashy combos and stuff, and I find that this reset works a lot and it does nice damage, just don’t do it too often…,, s.hp, ®, d/f+hk,, c.hp, sj, lp, lk, lk, dj to the other side ®, magic series, hp throw

The DJ combo first off won’t do that much more life compared to a regular AC so technically, its not worth the risk. I wouldn’t go for it ever but thats just me.

as for bnb setups, its based around the opponents assists. If they have an AA that doom beats clean, like mando, I would go for a lot of FS’s because I can call doom and snuff out mando pretty easily.

For AA’s that stop doom, I tend to go for less FS and more resets. Keeping the opponent guessing where he will be next makes him think about that rather than where to call his helper. If I do happen to get a FS KD, I want to be extra careful vs wake ups. Get next to them and jump and judge from there.

I personally will only use double jump combos when I need that extra bit of meter. But aside from that I don’t think it’s worth it

thanks :slight_smile: