DJ in Street Fighter X Tekken?

Quick question: Anyone heard whether this is happening? I would so love to run a Bruce/DJ team…

No and if anything it would be deejay eddy g.

They had one of those “Guess which character dis is” trailers awhile ago…People couldnt decide whether they thought it was DJ, Dahlsim, or Eddy in the vid. lol

It was Def Dahlsim…If you’re brown you look the same to

And the capcom pair would be Elena.

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Man you couldn’t have Dee Jay and Elena in the same team, he’d never stop leching on her. 8-)HEYYYY!!!

I dont like how people compare DeeJay to Eddy…The only similarity is that they are black. -_-

Deejay is Jamaican which is Caribbean
Eddy is Brazilian which is in south America.

You could say black, but whatever.
They both use their feet and where cool pants.

Deejay Elena would be nice. Because of rhythm and beats in my head.