DJ-VAN's TITAN GEAR (computer)


Been away for a while so no new joysticks or sigs or anything but I managed to build a new computer which is always good :wgrin:

And made a vid while I was at work :rofl:


Forgot to include the specs :rofl:
Specs are pretty modest because the lcd cost $350 (wish I could afford an 8800 video card) and I pretty much reused my old mobo and processor, with the hd. I get a 4.2 in Vista’s rating system…

AMD 3400+
250 gb SATA hd
Nvidia 6800 512 mb overclocked and unlocked pipes with ND1 “eye candy” cooler <-- graphic by me XD
7in drive mount touch screen
16x DVD burner 8x dual (my old drive…)
Xconnect Modular psu 550 watt with blue LEDs and clear windows…
2gig OCZ pc3200 ram with all copper heat sinks and 4gb usb ready boost
And Vista Ultimate… (I had it running XP and Mugen doesn’t run right under XP once it reaches past 4 gigs. My smaller games work but my main mugen game crashes everytime under XP, works in Vista though… Despite Vista’s bugs in the beginning, I kinda like it now- although it takes a lot of memory to run, if its any consolation I didn’t pay for Vista XD )

And some pics

I’ll probably enter ABC#14 sig contest while I’m here:wgrin:




Very slick looking case. But ya, i’d love to see some specs and building details!


awesome stuff!
like the fan
what kind of graphics card?


Is that keyboard the iOne Scorpius?


The IT professional in me really wants to see some numbers and a shot of the internals. But it looks like you choose Vista for the OS, why that over XP Pro or one of the million builds of Linux?


I was about to say this thread was just a worthless showoff thread on how much money you managed to blow on a computer before I clicked on it but that’s actually really nice and very thread worthy. Did you mod the case at all?


thermaltake shuttle case for sure however, these type of cases run warm from all the units I 've worked on @ work these are the worst free flow for air. money on the extra flip top mini display should have been used usefully rather than an amenity. good and portable for running emualtors and mugen. yay. good job van but, you should have skipped out on the convenience and put forth on Power rather.


Edited the first post for the answer :wgrin:

Case runs cooler than my old Antec Aria. The case only runs hot if you use the 2 additional hard drives that mount in the front of the case which block the air flow from the front fan. I only have 1 hd which I mounted where the floppy would go so the air flow isn’t blocked at all. I have one aditional fan in the back besides the stock ones and the nd1 cooler blows the hot air from the vid card right out of the case. My board doesn’t have any temp sensors besides the auto shut off one but my card reads at 34-36 degrees under load.

And I got the screen because I use to carry around an lcd with my old aria case, because its hard to read off the tv at tournaments like this:


your computer is cool, but one question why would you want to run a MUGEN tournament better yet, why are all these people there for a MUGEN tournament??? mugen has no Balance and there are characterst that can easily pwn any character like that one Crazy Rugal or Broli or that girl from the Ring.:sweat: