DJ's slide - an underrated asset

A lot’s been said when talking about DJ about his slide. Most of it is actually negative, to my surprise. Calling it slow to come out, slow to recover, insufficiently far reaching, and just generally sub par. To be honest, though, I’ve yet to meet a DJ player who doesn’t make extensive use of it. I started thinking about why I use DJ’s slide so much, and why I think it’s important.

I’ve always thought of DJ since I first picked him up as a character who’s absolutely brilliant at getting in on projectile characters. Not only does he have his own very decent air slasher for trading fireballs at a distance, but he’s got EX sobat, knee shot short jumps, and of course, the slide. No other character I know of, not even Zangief, has so little to fear when trying to get in to a shoto, imho.

The great thing specifically about the slide is that it lets you maintain charge whilst advancing on fireballs. This, to me, essentially extends the range which a fireball character needs to be away from you in order to throw safe fireballs from simply DJ’s slide distance to DJ’s slide distance PLUS whatever special he can throw immediately after completing the slide.

A typical example for me is using lk sobat. It tends to catch Ryu’s very easily. Midscreen distance they throw hadoken, you slide under, they usually (50-70% of the time in my experience) throw cr. mk, you lk sobat for damage and knockdown. I’m still experimenting with various mixups to do, but I’m fairly sure U1 can be integrated into this strategy somehow.

I’m not sure if this all sounds very elementary to all of you, but I wanted to see what creative strategies you guys use for DJ’s slide, or if it’s just a basic and rarely used tool for you.


this seems basic to me. i came/come from a very strong HDR background. so using the slide was apart of my gameplan.

In super it seems like the knee shot has replaced the slide in terms of usage as i rarely used it during my HDR days.

The slide is hard to make safe and the recovery is bad. I know it has its uses but against a good player the bad outweighs the good.


I use slide cause of how used to it I am from SF2. Im actually trying to take it out of my game for the most part. even sliding under fireballs isn’t too good with it anymore, guile can punish you however he wants if you dont hit him with the slide.

IIRC in HDR/SF2, slide couldn’t go under fireballs, so it definitely has extended uses in SSF4. I would love it if someone would compile a list of setups for trapping with slide, etc. I agree with the OP that it’s more useful than many people seem to give it credit for…

honestly. idc that it goes under fireballs. deejay can jump, focus, knee shot, or ex dread through fireballs. slide is ok but the start up makes it weird to time.

ok but if you don’t have meter, what else can you use to go from just outside poke range to just inside poke range? That’s the slide’s perfect range for me. It’s safe on block, it will go under projectiles for damage and knockdown, and you keep your charge. Knee shot is another good option, and I use it for mixups, but what else?

thats where your wrong, a lot of characters can just punish you on block, even if hits a little later. I think focus dash does a better job if youre at that range. and it doesnt recover fast enough to use it to whiff slide under fireballs to get into close range.

im not saying dont ever use it, just be careful when you do.

You are going to need it against high level Gouken and Rose players. Trust me.

I was just in training and his cr. HK is pretty sick as an anti air. How many characters can go from AA > ultra? well DJ can, and did yall know you can connect slide > MK upkick > MK upkick? It should work on pretty much everyone if you AA them right.

Also it stuffs a whole bunch of shit like goukens palms on reaction, some of adons specials, cammys spin back knuckle on reaction, Bison’s devils reverse, makotos hayate dash punch, yeah

It’s best used as an anti Air in zones 2.5 - 4. These are the blocks in training mode.

^ all old news.

i use slide > ultra and mk upkicks when applicable but i still don’t like his slide.

i want a move that moves me forward and keeps charge. similar to guile’s bazooka knee.

But DJ’s slide does move you forward and keep charge. Do you mean one that comes out as fast and safely as Guile’s bazooka knee?

yea lol forgot to finish that.

its just that its always risky to use and its difficult to space.

DJ’s Slide is horrible, yes it can be used at certain times but the same can be said about anymove! More often than not the slide will get you punished BIG TIME !

The slide surprisingly is a great anti air if timed right. Some people also seem to be in a form of confusion when hit with a slide. Throwing an air slasher and when they try to jump in is great use of the slide as it does more damage then the standing medium punch. Plus it seems a bit more safer in that encounter too.

actually u can…