DjWheat Vs Kotaku

This morning Kotaku released a pretty bad article in response to

Article on imgur so kotaku doesnt get views


Djwheat’s response-!/djWHEAT/status/88607453025021952

Kotaku’s response-!/Kotaku/status/88635842079358976

Kotaku’s Editor in cheif agreed to do a pro gaming article via slasher’s twitter -!/Slasher/status/88638960011718656

More from slasher-!/Slasher/status/88684899904659457

The article writer’s response

Videos of DjWheat years ago on kotaku like sites


PC Gamer’s Response -

We really don’t care about Kotaku nor DjWheat.

I had little need for more reason to not read kotaku.

Friends don’t let friends read Kotaku. EVER.

It’s so unfortunate that this is the media that’s supposed to “represent” gamers. It’s laughable, it’s time to make a revolution and take the dudebros away from the media and put it on the hands of gamers.

i fucking lol my ass off

I read this yesterday. I promptly rolled my eyes and went on with my day.

Yeah, the Kotaku guy has little idea as to what he’s actually talking about, but hey, that’s mainstream journalism for you (not just gaming journalism either). It’s a joke these days. I stopped letting shit like this get to me years ago.

EDIT: To be honest, I think it was a mistake on DJWheats’ part to even respond. Who cares what some tool from kotaku thinks? It’s not worth causing a stir over.

People don’t give a shit about Kotaku for a reason.

I just don’t see why DjWheat would be so upset over this. I mean, let’s face it, there are alot of people who don’t take competitive gaming seriously. At all. It’s a joke to them. Is their opinion stupid and misinformed? I think so. But at the end of the day, just dragging yourself down into the muck with such people doesn’t do any good.

Basically, why even give a shit about the half baked opinion of some guy who obviously doesn’t have a *real *understanding of what he’s talking about? It’s like sending hate mail to Fox News. Why bother in the first place? It’s not worth your time.

EDIT: I just realized that the author of this article is a woman. Not that this makes a difference.

I think Mt. Dew’s advertisement department has more to do with gamers being looked at like retards than any reality TV hope to accomplish. Gamer fuel, really?

Booth girls walking up to the commentator booth and flirting on the mic hasn’t exactly helped either if we are talking specifically this community.
Makes everyone seem like juvenile little kids.

Tons of respect for the commentators that literally walked away from the booth when that happened.

djwheat is a fucking cancer on competitive gaming

yeah I mean I am conflicted on something like this because…

I LOVE fighting games, of course, and I love the few tournaments I have been to. At the same time If I was not honest and said that viewing an MLG broadcast makes me feel worse about playing videogames…

Oh and even hearing the word e sports, I mean why call it FUCKING E SPORTS! when bands hit it big they don;t call it fucking music sports. You are relegating yourself to being a shitty version of something you don’t enjoy…

more stupid shit got posted on some gaming “journalism” site. surprise

though, it’s hilarious to be reminded that some people are unable to fathom that it could be enjoyable to watch experienced players have an excellent match. probably because those players don’t understand how deep competitive video games are. to them, the pinnacle of fighting games is either fighting the CPU, or mashing dps at your friend who doesn’t know what blocking is. There’s a reason why there’s comments on fighting game reviews like this gem: “I can beat the CPU’s Yun & Yang with really no problem at all!”

also, why do some people dislike djwheat anyway

E-sports is just an embarrassing term. It sounds so silly, because while competitive gaming may well be just as legitimate as sports in the sense that both require dedication and technique to truly master…VIDEOGAMES ARE NOT SPORTS. They just aren’t. It’s as stupid as calling chess a sport. Plus, terming competitive gaming as “E-Sports” just makes the communty as a whole sound insecure. It’s like saying that in order for this to seem legit, we HAVE TO stick the word “Sports” in there. Which is untrue.

Everybody already knows that Kotaku is the Fox News of gaming.

I stopped reading Kotaku ages ago because I couldn’t stand Luke Plunkett. Amazing to see they’ve gotten even worse. I’m not sure how an article shitting on gamers got published, or how anyone writing for a gaming blog could possibly think it was a good idea to begin with.

How about now?

the chick who wrote the article is the reason why our stream monsters be saying women should stick to being in the kitchen making sandwiches

… A “gaming site” shitting on gamers. lol.