DLC and future

I didn’t see a any thread discussing dlc, i have been away from the scene for a while now. what is the status of future dlc, will there be more characters? has this been announced? i just finished playing asuras wrath and i gotta say the characters in that game were made for this one. i understand they r putting ryu in as a boss dlc for asuras wrath, would the opposite work for umvc3? also have there been any lupinko leaks concerning the game? and did any of his last hints come true?

It really doesn’t look like there’ll be very much for DLC beyond costumes. :confused:

No and no.

Probably but I doubt it would happen, no, and yeah.

I’ve been wondering about DLC as well. Capcom should just give a definitive answer.

< You can probably tell who I want put in the game.

you want Asura right


I’m still holding out on character DLC. It’ll come eventually.

sorry for all the questions guys haha what lupiko hints were confirmed?

As of right now, bet on nothing besides the costume packs. I honestly think they are holding out for a good while. Like literally well over a year from now. I have a feeling there won’t be any balance updates as well. I think Capcom knows they made a mistake doing the ultimate version so damn quickly. While yes it’s a better game than vanilla was, if they waited longer they probably know they woulda made a more complete version.

The only hope I have is the fact that Nitsuma stated he wanted 58 characters in the game to beat the MvC2 roster but the reason ultimate came out so quickly was due to Marvel (the company) time restraints. It was either come out when it did or we would have been waiting a long long time. I’m betting on a 2013 version with those 8 additional characters. Will it be DLC or a disc? Who knows but time will tell. But I just have a funny feeling that this game isn’t done in terms of roster / updates but that’s just me.

I think ultimate did poorly enough and capcom is showing little enough interest in the competitive scene that it’s mostly over. SFxT is getting monstrous hype and they love SF4 but they didn’t even put UMVC3 in japanese arcades…

Didn’t I say yes? He talked about cards, and we got H&H. So he was right.

That’s because 1. The MvC series was never very popular in Japan and 2. The arcade scene in the U.S. is dying, so they settled with a console release.

I’m sure that competitive scene-wise, they’ll show at least some interest.

There is a wishlist/DLC thread, the search function is your friend.