DLC Character Gameplay - Ask how to get them working and get banned



Others to come soon.

So they’re complete characters?

Lol, in before the Cease & Desist letter.

Great work though!

Well crap.

I wonder if all characters work or not. Didn’t Seth say they were still trying to fix Blanka?

Wow I don’t believe I was actually right lol


wow nice job!

Amazing! Thank you

Wow, Elena looks great! Can’t wait to purchase all the DLC characters. (Think i’m the only one.)


O_O Hooooooooooooh, boy. This is gonna be fun.

But Brave Dance looks cool!

Yo why is elena so fast?

I have a question, since all the files are on disk, can you face people online with the dlc chars?

…you da best. :slight_smile:

Oh no :(.

This keeps getting better and better, cant wait to see Bryan and Jack.

Can I have some Lars gameplay PLZZZZZZZZ ? :slight_smile:

Guy please :slight_smile: awesome stuff. I hope that puts pressure for capcom to release them soon. Don’t want to wait till fall to play them. Funny how we have game play of dlc characters before the game is actually out lol

I smell bacon, Capcops must be on their way.

I guess I technically could if I repacked an iso file. But, not going to do that :stuck_out_tongue: