DLC character speculation thread

Discuss possible DLC characters here.

If you do it anywhere else in this board, prepare to get infracted.

Aqua Canary
Aqua Superman
Aqua Man Hunter
Aqua Fate

can we do costumes also?

cause i really want to see a green lantern sinestro

DLC Costumes

Classic Nightwing
Batman by Gaslight
Diana Prince Wonder Woman
JMS run Wonder Woman costume
Parallax Green Lantern
Classic Sinestro (it’s already in the game. Just make it useable)
Hook hand and beard Aquaman

I think people are confusing “speculation” with “wishlist”

If that Scoprion rumor is true, this will be the first non-mugen fighter he’ll be in that doesn’t have a block button. You thought teleport spammers were annoying BEFORE.

Robin - Tim Drake
We have Damian as Nightwing’s alt, so having Damian as Robin wouldn’t make sense.
His alt costume can be Red Robin.

Red Hood - Jason Todd
His fighting style can be a mixture of Batman’s & Deathstroke’s. With deadlier gadgets and weapons at his disposal. It’d be interesting to see him pit against the Joker.

What’s a fighting without a character who can mimic his/her opponent’s abilities!?

I think it’s because the OP didn’t include the leaked roster.

Of all the DLC “leaks”, I gotta say my favourite is the one that had Atrocitus on it (I think it was Lobo, Atrocitus, Martian Man Hunter and an undecided last person).

I’d be very content with that list. Don’t really care who the last person is.

Twelve X.C.O.P.Y.

For a character like that they would be better off with Amazo as mimicing abilities are his powers.

I was watching the JLU episode “Grudge Match” and now I want to see Dinah and Helena in the game. Especially since the last part where they rush at each other looks just like a clash.

I think it would be pretty cool of them to stick Jason Todd as red hood in there. there is a lot of potential in him for a fighting game.

Lobo, Manhunter, Atrocitus, and ?

Some of my guesses:

Jason Todd
Dr Fate
Mirror Master
Roy Harper
Black Manta
Black Canary
Shadow King
Lady Shiva
Beast Boy
The list goes on forever and could really be anyone, lol

The leaked list;


Speculating, I would guess they will pull a marvel and put any upcoming movies in there. I think Starfire and/or Beastboy would round out the Titans just in time for the reboot series going on Cartoon Network.

Also I’d think Static Shock makes sense for them to add and he would be a good addition. That show was pretty popular and it had crossovers with the JL.

I don’t know that many DC characters but if Static or Beast Boy are DLC…yooo! I’m in there!

I’d like to see more female characters in this game.

  • Zatanna
  • Talia al Ghul
  • Starfire
  • Donna Troy
  • Huntress
    to name a few.

I hope Atrocitus makes it in. Knowing how salty this online community is it would be so poetic for them to rage quit on him.

/see fire
/add fuel


Apparently from the Facebook of whoever is dubbing the game into Portuguese for Brazil.