DLC character speculation thread


Please let Clayface be DLC



Sounds like they accidentally leaked the DLC characters, indeed.




Batgirl, Zod, Scorpion? As in MK Scorpion? If it is, will be interesting to see how that character plays without the block button Kappa


Scorpion, lame. So many good DC characters deserve a spot. Also, no Lobo on that list, why?


Scorpion, lame. So many good DC characters deserve a spot. Also, no Lobo on that list, why?


What do you mean? The block button IS his trait.


If we’re suggesting costumes, Teen Titans Raven, with the classic voice from the Green Lantern trailer.


For costumes
Harley - Animated series.

Batman & Nightwing - Animated series.
Raven - Teen Titens - With voice.

Joker - The Dark Knight - Heath ledger voice ripped from the movie.


No thanks, Heath Ledger completely missed the point of the Joker and impersonating Jimmy Stewart makes no sense.


FFS if they put Scorpion in this they can forget it. I thought this was purely DC? Isn’t that their license with…DC?


LOBO http://youtu.be/RFwC8dV2l1Y


Static Shock…Yeah


I had a dream where I saw a trailer of Goku as a DLC character for injustice.

I now have the strangest feeling of both relief and dissapointment.


Adam west batman skin with sound effects plz


Im sure Adam would do the voice over apart from family guy I don’t think he gets any work does he?



Add another on the list for Huntress :slight_smile:


Not sure if you knew this but Raven is actually still voiced by Tara Strong who voices Raven in TT: https://twitter.com/tarastrong/status/314495209717248000

They just auto-tuned/modded her voice drastically to make Raven seem more…menacing.


What Naoki said. Its still Tara “Love of my life” Strong.


Huntress would be cool, though it’s going overboard on Batman characters.
From a recent interview, Ed Boon stated that he is kicking himself for being talked out of having Martian Manhunter in the game. Now, he could be trolling, but I think we’ll see MM as DLC.
I find it interesting how people are asking for certain characters, which is great, I’m just not sure if they already have all four characters picked out, or they are working on them right now.
The other question I have is, Will the forthcoming DLC characters have anything to do with or relate to, the story?


I doubt they will have anything to do with the story. How would you fit Lobo in?