DLC Characters' Alt Costumes?


Wasn’t sure where to ask, so I’ll just put it here. We now know the costs of the DLC characters and the alternate costumes for the main cast of SF x T. But, do we know the cost of the alternate costumes for DLC characters? Or, are the costumes included in that package? Does anyone have any ideas? Sorry if I’m asking in the wrong place or if it has been asked before. Feel free to lock this thread, if that’s the case.


Preview of all DLC costumes, including DLC chars:


Ahhh! How you guys so quick? lol :razzy:


Thanks xD but I’ve actually already seen all the costumes. I was just curious about the pricing for the alts when it comes to DLC characters. From the looks of things, we’re getting all the costumes for the main cast a few months before the DLC characters release, so it leads me to believe that we might have to buy the costumes of the DLC characters seperately after they release, or that they might even be included in that very same character bundle. That’s what I was asking about :slight_smile:


There’d be no reason to offer alts for characters that aren’t out yet. I imagine they would go on sale when the character pack drops, at the same price as the earlier ones.


Where do you get the alts? I’ve looked on XBL and there is no ALT add-on, only swaps…


Alts aren’t out just yet. Probably shortly after the Vita release, I’d bet, but unless I’m mistaken no word on 'em yet. :slight_smile:


just saw some alt screen caps from the Vita release.
Juri’s outfit its cool, reminds of a erotic verison of Chun’s Alpha outfit – just needs some color tweaks so no big deal
but Chun Li’s maid outfit? you freaking kidding me? It’d be better to have her yellow shirt and panties from the Animated film or bring back her SSf4 evening gown (my personal fave) if they wanted to show some skin
why can’t I get an interpol/cop outfit for my girl? Capcom is freaking stupid!


But… but Chun-Li as a maid is what everyone dreamed of!

…right? crickets

…it’s just me, isn’t it?

In all seriousness, I’m surprised she hasn’t gotten an Interpol outfit of some sort too. I’ll be using Juri’s Alt a lot, seems perfect for a tron-like look too.


One day Capcom; you must appease all Chun fans!!!
– maybe if I spammed their offices with a big crossed out maid and attach these images:

Chun Li is a cop you idiots!

I tried resizing the images, but I must be doing something wrong – oh well. They aren’t too big I hope.


…okay yeah I want that one, ASAP. Chun in full gear is pretty hot-- er, awesome.


Robin Hood Julia is all i need! Top 5 ALT. Hands down.


The detail is amazing.


Maybe she’s gone undercover?


I feel you on the Chun Li thing. I like sexy and skimpy and all that stuff I mean what guy doesn’t but the choices for alot of Alt costumes are just garbage sometimes. The cop outfit/swat gear idea is cool and I do find a woman in uniform sexy too. I was watching the SF4 anime today and I was thinking to myself Cammy you wouldn’t have to wear a big trench coat everywhere if you just put on some pants. I mean there must be some kind of dress code enforced. Her ass must get cold.


I’m afraid the “cold” argument does not hold in sfxt, everyone has a walk on the south pole in their fighting clothes ~~


Lol, and some characters don’t even wear shoes. they should be losing toes due to frost bite. I guess they channel their fighting spirit energy through their feet and other body parts to stay warm.