DLC Characters: Yay or Nay?

I’m curious about the community’s views on DLC characters (paid DLC or free DLC) and what kind of impact they may or may not have.

I can’t say I’d be a fan of paying for new characters via DLC. Like BBCS is coming out and there’s already a few planned DLC characters to buy. Seems weird that such an essential part of the fighting game, the characters, are getting DLC treatment. I can understand outfits and etc, but characters are too important imo. If there’s DLC characters, I think they should be free.

I don’t think it’ll be good for the community either. It might end up dividing the player base with the “haves” and “have nots”, deciding whether tourneys should ban DLC characters, or something along these lines.

I completely agree with you there. I’ll be purchasing the DLC anyway just to get the most out of my games.

I’m ok with DLC character paid or free either is fine. I wounder about tournaments too though and how will they handle it.

DLC was cool at first but now companies are ABUSING it. Companies makes games KNOWING they are going to put new maps, characters, weapons, etc, into the game later JUST TO GET MORE MONEY. At one point, Capcom was a great company, now they are a horrible excuse for what they once were and only care about money. Its good to want to make profit and sit at the top with billions, but to do it by screwing your fans of every penny they have is entirely wrong and completely greedy.

You guys act like DLC was never planned to begin with from a company that puts out a new game. They know what they are doing and that’s to get every penny from us as possible. your fools to think they didn’t have these plans from the start. The best thing to do is NOT buy it. I never bought that piece of shit SFIV game so at least I don’t have to worry there. For other games like HALO 3, etc, you have to have the DLC maps to play certain game types. its all complete bullshit but get used it as its where we are heading- 3-D, DLC, MOTION SENSORS. YAY… not

Nay, regular disk based updates are fine since chances are a lot will have changed and even if you don’t like any of the new characters, the old ones will have new stuff.

With DLC you download a character and if you don’t like him/her, tough look you’ve pretty much just chucked the cost of the character down the toilet.

Not to mention stuff like lack of being able to just take your disk somewhere, put it in any console and being able to play all the characters from the get go is taken away with DLC characters. (Hands up who wants to have to lug their console around whenever they take a game to a club meeting/mates house)

And theres the whole issue of games getting rushed out unfinished since devs can just leave placeholders in and finish the game later (naturaly charging extra for it)

Seriously I wouldn’t mind as much if fluff like stages, colours and music was DLC but having a core element like characters as DLC is straight up bull.

I’ll be okay with DLC, provided it’s done in a specific way. Namely, DLC could be a nice way to be an alternative, or an outright replacement to buying an expansion disc to get the “Super Turbo” update of a game. I could deal with that much, as that would basically be a “different means to the same end”. You want to stay up to date with the competitive scene, download the update that EVERYBODY is getting.

But the way that BB:CS is doing it is the kind that pisses me off, and is the kind of thing that really does more to mess up the scene itself. Not to mention it just makes things messy for tournaments.

paid for DLC: I don’t think it’s a good idea. Because SSF4 is online competitive game. I would explain why but I can’t be assed.

What Arc is doing with BB:CS isn’t really that messy or a problem. It’s likely that they had to release BB:CS when they did and there was no way they could complete Makoto, Valkenhaym, or Platina in time. However, they didn’t want to have to sit on characters they were making until the next Blazblue installment, so, they’re releasing them as pay-for DLC. They likely don’t have the funds to release them for free and/or were strongarmed by the major console makers into making the DLC cost money, However, even if you don’t buy the characters, Arc will be releasing free patches which allow you to play against the DLC characters online and further balance the game. Also, the game will allow you to switch between patches, so you can play the original form of CS if you want.

TLDR summary: Sometimes you have to release a game before all of what you wanted to include is ready. Instead of releasing an expansion disc, DLC allows more frequent updates. In BBCS’s case, these sum total of all of these updates will essentially be equivalent to releasing a whole new version, ala GGXX to #Reload. It will also likely be cheaper than purchasing en entire new game.

I can see this being pretty messy for competitive play. Nevermind tournament organizers already need to make sure to have the console(s) in question and the discs for the game, now you have to worry about the console having the downloaded characters being available. And then of course its going to be the responsibility of individuals to take care of this. So the community is going to have to play these characters, figure out if they’re viable, etc.

And then of course there is the senario similar to how you deal with console exclusive characters such as in SS Tenka or GGXXAC EX characters. The community could very well go with the arcade standard due to the irritation of having these characters available, say fuck it and just ban them whether they are overpowered or not. Essentially nobody wants to be bothered to go through all that nonsense and rather than deal with it just pretend they don’t exist. And I don’t blame them, costumes is one thing but how do you expect tourney organizers to work around something like downloadable characters consistently?

Big :tdown: to downloadable characters. They should have been included on the disc, this is ridiculous.

They’ll be available on Cabs, they’ll be patched in somehow so the Arcade Standard argument isn’t valid. And from DL most people that actually run tournaments AKA the only people that should be complaining have already found a ton of workarounds that are easy & not time consuming.

New characters always strike me as something that only the core crowd cares about, along with stuff like balance changes, new moves, and the like. Since the casual crowd doesn’t like it when developers release a sequel (even if it’s an expansion) that’s just “more of the same”, selling new characters and other stuff that mainly appeals to core players through DLC sounds like a more PR approach to selling such content.

This ain’t healthcare

Tie DLC to PSN/Live accounts? Also, maybe companies could do what Bioware did and sell versions of the game that contains all the DLC created up to that point. Just thinking out loud.

…no. Supporting evidence: rebuying DLC colour palettes.

No part of that last sentence shouldn’t have bothered you. NGBC is 800 points on Live, with a colour editor. BlazBlue palette packs are…good lord look at that confusing micro-transactiontacular pricing structure. Is NGBC old? Yes. Will BB DLC ever get cheaper because it’s old? Nope. So a year or so from now CS will be like a $20 game with $20 of DLC.

ASW are one of the worst companies for DLC. Like old school EA bad. They already had Raven in GG2.

CS really should be a $40 game, in its totality.. Accent Core was $40. AC+ was $30. SSFIV was $40. But they’d rather make their money off of milking competitive players and weeaboos than make the game more appealing for new buyers by including more for that $40.

Typically, I’m nay, but I’m a born-again yay.

I like player packs. Imagine if MvC2 just decided to sell a DLC for all the old charecters. That would be great.

But if it’s one by one, the it’s stupid.

Yay, as long as they don’t end up introducing a broken character.

The one thing that would bother me is that even if I didn’t want a DLC character I’d probably end up having to buy them anyway to use in training mode. Would be kind of hard to learn the matchup of a character you don’t have.

Best way around this would be to allow all DLC characters to be used in training mode as a sort of trial option, and buying them would allow you to use them online and in player matches. That’d be great.

I don’t mind it so long as the new characters aren’t broken. As much as I don’t like SF4, if I found out that Alex from 3S was gonna be a DLC character, I’d be REALLY tempted to pick it up.





If it changes the game then it’s bullshit to make you pay for it. Costumes are fine because you’re not at a disadvantage.

It’s just a bullshit way for them to inflate the price of a supposedly “discounted” game. They charge you $40 for the game rather than the full price then charged you $10-20 for characters that are already part of the game.

I have never supported DLC and this is by far the worst form of it.


Only if they’re all in a pack, tho.

I’d say free DLC characters are a good way to keep a game alive as it ages… but paid DLC characters are a big no no for a decent game. From a competitive standpoint, it makes learning the matchup a lot harder if you don’t buy the character… and from a commercial standpoint, if the character is crap tier, it can feel like a waste of money, but if the character is high tier, it can start to feel like some sort of cash shop BS where you need to pay extra to compete.

Actually, the characters are going to have to be in your game files, either through a patch or in the game to begin with, otherwise you couldn’t play against them… So the messy part is Arc charging an additional fee to access the rest of your game… and of course, the competitive aspect of it, putting you at a disadvantage because you haven’t coughed up the extra cash. DLC colors are fine and dandy because they don’t actually alter the gameplay at all. DLC characters should be free, especially if you want your game to be taken seriously at a competitive level.

Player 1: "I’m here for the tournament"
Host: "Glad you can make it. Tell me, what character do you plan to use?"
Player 1: "I’ll use ________."
Host: "You can’t use that character because he’s OP."
Player 1: "No he’s not."
Host: "He is in the 1.05 update. They buffed him too much."
Player 1: "But the patch is only been out for a couple of weeks. You can’t determine a broken character in a couple of weeks."
Host: "I’m sorry, but the majority of the community thinks he should be banned."
Player 1: "The majority of the community are idiots."
Host: "Please use another character."
Player 2: "Hey guys, I’m here all the way from Germany…say, who are these new characters?"
Host: "They came in the new update."
Player 2: "This update wasn’t release in my country. I have no clue how to play against these characters."
Host: "I’m sorry to hear that. Please try to learn the matchups during the tournament."
Player 3: "Sorry I’m late dudes. I saw there was a radical local tournament in town an-----WHOA! What game is this?
Host: "This is _______"
Player 3: "This doesn’t look like the version I bought dude."
Host: "That’s because they updated it. They changed alot of things and added in new characters. Don’t you have internet at home?
Player 3: "Unfortunately not dude."
Host: "That’s too bad. What character will you use then?"
Player 3: "I dunno man. I was gonna use _______, but he’s probably been tweaked so much, I not sure if I can use him the same way. He probably got nerfed. Not to mention all the characters I’m completely unfamilar with.
Host: "Well try your best."
Player 3: “Thanks alot dude…”

playstation plus exclusive dlc characters