DLC Characters you would like to see


As Ono has since confirmed the possiibility of downloadable characters, which ones would you like to see?

I’m guessing Ono’s choices would be Hugo, R.Mika and Rolento, throw in another new character and we’ve got a big roster!


We have enough grapplers as is. Only Rolento from those three would make sense, IMO. I would like to see Oro in a Team Battle of Akuma, Gen Vs. Gouken, Oro. Geki, Retsu and some other SF1 characters would be a great addition as well.


Super Sonic, can I ask you, are you happy with the new Turkish addition to SSIV?




alex or urien


Rolento, easily. Alex and Twelve would be fun, too.


I’m not liking thsi love for III characters, I’d rather have new characters.


IMO, 3s characters were the most unique and quirky of the series - which makes them my favorites - which makes me want them to be DLC.


Oro, Birdie, Gill or Twelve.


Necro and Eagle




Charlie. I think they could at least present an interesting story arc for him, even for SF.




Rolento, Hugo, and an all new character.

This is nothing Final Fight related. Both characters are just really fun.

Hugo would be fun because he’s a giant of giants. His wall bounce shenanigans aren’t in the game in any form and would be really fun to mess with. Not to mention old vs new grappler dream match. It’d also be another way to get poison in the game who apparently is crazy popular or incredibly trolled.

Rolento is a great design. unique playstyle, his stage is already in the game, his rival is already in the game.

A new character just because I really enjoy the SF4 SSF4 originals and honestly this might be our last shot at getting a new Street Fighter character in a long time. We have advanced technology why not take advantage and make someone that will blow people out of the water.


Realistically, if character DLC were to happen, it would have to be free, otherwise it will just divide the fanbase. That being said, Rolento is a likely candidate since he was one of the popular votes. Imagine the chip damage on his Patriot Circle. :badboy:


Q, Hugo, Rolento, Karin, Charlie, Poison.

that is all.


Oro and Hugo, then the game would have all the sf characters i care for. If i had to choose 1, i’d take Oro.


Q and Oro


Q, Yang and R.Mika


Oro and Rolento