DLC costumes for AE PC, non-Steam

Got two questions that I believe are fairly basic, but if not just let me know and I’ll take it to the Tech Forums where I have a more complicated one to ask depending on any responses here, so anyway:

I have SSF4 AE for PC and all the DLC costumes downloaded and installed, and I’m a non-Steam user. Am I able to access the costumes at any time I launch the game, or do I have to be logged in to Live in order to select and use them? If the answer’s the former, how do I make them accessible? Thanks very much in advance.

Sorry vasili, no answer from me but my own AE PC question. If I have AE on Xbox and get it on PC, I know my Live account will work on both, but do my PP or BP transfer over?

'Salright. Guess I’d better ask in the Tech Forums after all. Rats.