DLC Download issues

I bought the Season Pass off XBLM, and went in game to DL Skarlet. She was worth 0MP, so I hit DL, and received a information retrieval failure. I got off, came back later and checked, and on the in game store, she is now worth 1200MP to me, with the Season Pass on my HD and marked as Purchased in the store.
Anyone having the same issue or a solution?

Same problem, except she started at 1200MP without ever being at 0 -.-’

I bought the season pass, then booted up the game. It gave me the option to download her there.

and it worked fine? because I just checked, still 1200 my end…

Yeah, it worked fine for me.

At the very least, you can download the content patch, which currently allows you to play as Skarlet without buying her.

I’m having the exact same issues.

Where is it? I can’t find it

The content patch is in the Marketplace.

NRS knows, and is trying to get it fixed. be patient please.

Ok, thanks for your concern :slight_smile:

As long as NRS knows, I’m comfortable now, ty