[DLC]Evidence of Urien,Alex,Guile,Ibuki,Balrog and Juri found in SFV beta files

“The audio files excavated reveal that the DLC list for the classic game will comprise Guile and Balrog, both of whom appeared in Street Fighter II; Ibuki, Urien and Alex from Street Fighter III and Juri from Street Fighter IV.”

Hmmm this is new

Revealed 3 days ago. :slight_smile:

Hopefully they continue the Alex-illuminati storyline with a more powerful version of Urien.

Good thing they added Rog,Guile and Ibuki.

This is a rereveal. Guest I was 3 dates late.

olds but there are no threads on the unreleased characters right now on the SFV forum.

This is why we can’t have nice things.

I really enjoyed not knowing who the DLC characters were and seeing reveals is always interesting. Now all the mystery is gone

Agree. It’s not like I was playing any of them any sooner knowing who was coming. I liked the surprises.

Enters thread


Because there’s no point on making a discussion thread for a character we don’t even know anything about yet. No screenies, no data, no trailer, no movements, nothing.

Pointless thread considering that this is already being discussed in Character thread.