DLC Gems on USB? How will this work? TO's READ

I just thought about something very important about this whole DLC gem situation. If Gems are going to be copied on USB devices, this means something very important.

The game needs to see if you own the DLC.
My first thought was, oh, they will just connect it to XBL/PSN accounts, but, that requires for the console itself to have online. So, that gives Capcom several options.

1. DLC gems don’t go on USB
This is the easy way to sidestep the situation. If Capcom doesn’t allow DLC gems to go on USB, they dont have to worry about seeing who bought what.
2. DLC gems on USB requires online
Another easy way to solve the problem, but…it requires online
3. Capcom says ‘fuck it’ and doesn’t check to see if you bought the gems.

Why is this important?
Lets say you have no copy of the game, but your friend has all the DLC gems cuz hes all about dem gems. He copies his gem loadout onto USB and goes to WNF. [S]You go with no gems, and lose. [/S]Oh wait, you just use his console and do the same thing? Am I missing something here?

The consoles at WNF will have no way of telling your USB device from your friends USB device with the exact same files on it, because they won’t have internet.

**Issue #2. **
How will this work at a tournament? Most PS3s have two USB ports, some 360s have more but fuck the back ports. Will it be like…
Person A plugs in USB drive and stick, loads up gems…using his stick to control game, unplugs USB
Person B plugs in USB drive[S] and stick. [/S]loads up gems…using Person A’s stick? WTF

Anyways, blah blah blah, tldr my post, please don’t discuss if the gems are good or not, theres already a thread about how the DLC gems are OP, but this issue is gonna come up in tournaments eventually, even if most tournaments end up banning gems or DLC gems.

Both PS3 and 360s are compatible with pretty much any USB hub ever, so number of ports are a non-issue. As for everything else, until we get some details from Capcom, I got nothin’

I think it would be annoying for any big venue to just say “okay, now we need usb hubs for every setups for gems”.

It won’t be just for USB drives. It also comes in handy for 2v2. Powerless USB hubs are very cheap at that

I’ll bet that tournament patch brings a tournament mode in which ALL GEMS and CHARARACTERS are selectable, free of charge. but you can only play them in this mode, offline versus, best of 3, 99 secs, default everything. if you want to take them online / training room you need to buy them.

That would be perfect, but at the same time… we are talking about Capcom here.

This is way to sensible of a solution to be considered by Capcom.

I’m expecting the solution to be…well, pretty horrible :frowning:

This would actually be the perfect solution. In addition, they could make it so that when you select your gem loadout in training mode, it gives you a button sequence that corresponds to the gems you picked. Then in tournament mode, you can just pick your characters, then press your HP, HP, LK, HP, MK sequence (or whatever it assigns you), and you are good to go.

But yeah, this is Capcom.

And for some inexplicable reason they’ll force it to 1v1 mode while the tournament community says “holy crap 2v2 is the best thing ever” and the cycle begins again…

Since all of the gems are numbered they should just set it up so that you put in your gem numbers.

So if I had 123 200 and 089 I could just punch in 123200089 and have my gem setup.

It would be much easier if you can attach a keyboard of course, but still I think it’s the most reasonable setup.

Remembering the numbers of your gems would be the hardest part, but I guess everyone could just walk around with sheets of paper with a bunch of numbers LOL. Much more reasonable than everyone walking around with similar looking small ass USB drives… oh man that could turn out so badly…