DLC not working on the PSN


Apologies if this has been posted before.

I recently purchased SF x T for PS3, and since then I’ve had the bizarre problem of not being able to access dlc. I can play online and have patched the game. However, nothing appears in the ingame store, and downloading manually off the PSN has no effect: all the dlc I have is not appearing. Items like gems and colors appear in the customize menus, but they won’t download either.

Any help?


Is your game region the same as the region your account is associated with?


Excellent question, having just checked the case (which I bought used) turns out the game is region 1, and I live in australia. Last I checked, that’s region 4.

So, any fix for this or do I have to just live without DLC?


If region 1 means EU you have to download the DLC from EU store. If its USA then go to USA store, etc.


Thanks a bunch guys. I’ll give that a shot.