DLC or Delay?

Judging by the suggestion box and all the petitions it looks like Phoenix Wright might make it in the game…but this poses numerous issues! *Should they delay the game or keep the game on track and announce him and others later via DLC?
Some issues are…

#1 Capcom (Niitsuma) will look like a liar…

#2 Capcom gave into peer pressure instead of their goals for the game.

#3 Capcom might have to sit down and think about moves to give him to please the fans and that will take time.

#4 Marvel has to agree to allow a non-fighter to beat up on their super powered up guys. Not too sure how that flies with them nowadays.

#5 Sales will definitely go up because of PW’s popularity and curiosity factor.

#6 Marvel will have to add another character to balance it out the roster…or replace a Capcom character for him.

#7 PW was not in Capcom’s plans for this game…how will that affect the story, balance, etc…

#8 Does Capcom realize the only reason fans want him in the game ONLY because he is popular not because he fits. Gene from Godhand was said to fit PERFECTLY by Seth Killian but because that series is not popular enough, may not make it. What about other characters that fit the game better but have to be pushed aside because of politics.

So…in the end fans want certain characters in but they have to pay a price and what should that price be? Delay or DLC (xtra$)

Even if Phoenix is the most suggested character in the suggestion box, this doesn´t mean he will be in the game,other characters like arthur, wesker, haggar & X are the most suggested too but that does mean they will be in the game plus capcom already said no PW, he has numerous issues to be in.

DLC. They shouldn’t delay the game because of PW.

Also another reason there is an issue is because PW requests ARE flooding the suggestion box and other ideas cant be seen!

Umm about reason #4, why would Marvel have a problem with Phoenix Wright fighting their characters? That shouldn’t be a valid reason at all to keep him out of the game.

Well dlc or delay, either way I suppose.

A thread already exists for this. Please read sometime.