DLC Poll Results )GameFAQs


  1. Gene - 103
  2. Megaman X - 80
  3. Megaman.EXE - 78
  4. Classic Megaman - 67
  5. Date Masamune - 51
  6. M. Bison - 48
  7. Asura - 35
  8. Jin Satome/ Captain Commando - 34
  9. Bass.EXE - 32
  10. Jon Talbain - 30[/LEFT]
    [LEFT] [/LEFT]
    [LEFT]Next 5 Honorable Mentions (Capcom)
  11. Nina (BoF)
  12. Ryu (BoF)
  13. Samanosuke/ Hayato
  14. Regina
  15. Nero


  1. Gambit - 88
  2. Venom - 74
  3. Ms. Marvel - 69
  4. Psylocke - 55
  5. Moon Knight - 46
  6. Doctor Octopus - 43
  7. Green Goblin - 39
  8. Loki - 38
  9. Songbird/ Thanos - 34
  10. Black Panther - 33

Next 5 Honorable Mentions (Marvel)

  1. Carnage
  2. Cyclops
  3. Daredevil
  4. Nightcrawler/ Juggernaut/ Squirrel Girl
  5. Anti-Venom[/LEFT]
    [LEFT]You can compare this to the DLC poll that [/LEFT][LEFT]was done on Capcom-Unity[/LEFT][LEFT] back in late September 2011.[/LEFT]

[LEFT]The fuck is Cable at??[/LEFT]

Well you did take this from Gamefaqs…that being said, I have no idea why the fuck people want Megaman EXE. The first 3 or so games were OK but that version of megaman is forgettable.

i didnt get this from faq and EXE wat games was he in caz idk

Megaman EXE were the games series…they were for Game Boy Advance, and then Nintendo DS.

Apparently I’m not the only Moon Knight fan.

aw hell

Although I don’t doubt the possibility of him showing up as potential DLC for a promotional gimmick/tool the idea of Asura as the 7th most request Capcom character is just silly.

Gonna be kind of hard to implement him without chips. :confused: although the card system is kind of similar, shame he’s so out of place for this one as he has some very interesting abilities.

I wish capcom would just tell us what’s up with megaman. We all know he has enough content to be made into a unique character worthy of a fighting game. If capcom don’t have the rights to him anymore or something they should just say so we can lay the nagging for megaman to rest.

They want to surprise us with the version of Megaman they use.



Lol. Capcom can’t say anything about relevance though as darkstalkers are completely irrelevant, megaman has had far more games in recent times than they have and they still made the cut. I really don’t get capcom, I don’t. Though, megaman is cool I don’t mind his exclusion it just irritates me that capcom are so silent about it and/or talking complete bs.

All this clamoring for Asura is just plain silly. They can’t, y’know, wait and see what his own game is like?

They’ll probably just troll us and use Geo Stelar

Talbain’s still so popular. I understand why, but… okay.

I guess they could do it like Phoenix Wright? down down A B and C would yield random chips, some crappy some good?

I’m just glad to see Jin and Captain commando alongside favorites like Megaman X/Gene.

Marvel can fuck off with their plans for DLC or roster characters. I really want Gambit, Venom, Emma and Ms. Marvel, but I think Marvel has forgotten that women and mutants exist.

No one cares about Cable.


or Ken for that matter

This is an older poll, but I can see his appeal. He is badass, but he does it without a trench coat or a douchebag attitude. That is not easy to pull off, bro.

I initially voted for him because I knew that Donovan would not get in. I’m okay with any male Darkstalker as long as it’s not Demitri anyway…

I find that shit just plain weird. This game is all about giving characters and series their chance at the spotlight. Asura doesn’t deserve a spot in any version of MvC3 until him and his series have been put through the grinder. There is no lore for his world, no one has played the game and he’d be taking away a slot for characters that thousands may want in the game after having nothing for years. I’d be pissed if a Powerstone or Rival School character got dropped for that guy.

I also don’t want to do Capcom’s marketing for them. Shit is kinda embarrassing.

This is true. Reading his fan posts on Unity (why did I ever bother) kind of tainted him for me when I didn’t mind him that much before. That, and I thought his personality would be similar to Wolvie’s with a more disciplined feel (probably doesn’t make any sense; I’m tired guhh), but it’s hard to tell when we’ve never even heard him speak English. I wouldn’t want to see Demitri though. There’s only one reason people would want him in, which you know of course. I mean, I guess he’s a smug mf too, but Bliss is the main reason I’m certain for most people.

I’d seriously pay good money for Asura. I currently play zero capcom characters. Now, I have no intention on buying his
game. As a character I think he’s a cool concept tho.

i want cable

Yeah Regina! I want to summon raptor projectiles!

Gene and X are still top 2.
The fan demand is still there, get your shit together capcom