DLC Question (PC Users)

I purchased the complete costume pack for SF4 (PC). basically 1 old new costume for each char.

When AE comes out, will that purchase entitle me to the newer “Super” costumes from the super update? Or will I have to shell out more cash for the “Super” characters era costumes? like Kens cowboy (That I probably wont use).
I know the 4 AE exclusive characters are not included, but will I have to buy a second “complete set” rofl ?

D-hamz, 70+ views and no one knows the answer, lol. Time to do some deep google searching X_x

you will be able to use your SFIV DLC but no we will have to buy the super and Ultimate costume packs for PC.

from what I heard, your original SF4 DLC won’t work either, youll have to rebuy everything (I think the costumes are supposed to be cheaper/better value though)

I confirm that Ono stated a while ago that the DLC from SF4 PC won’t work on SSF4 AE PC

aside from being stolen from, I almost dont mine because 5 minutes after I purchased the first crap pack, I was unimpressed and under the opinion of, damn I wouldnt buy that again X_x.
being that I would use less than half of them, somehow I just dont care X_x

u cant use them on AE

LOL@u for wasting money of this


Next time use mods if you get bored

Next time don’t buy the full pack, buy the smaller packs that have the costumes you want.

lame that the sf4 pc costumes won’t be usable on ssf4ae. good thing i only bought 1 small package.

Wait, what I remember reading was that if you order SSF4AE from Steam and you have a non steam version of SF4, that the DLC isn’t compatible. Shame if the outfits don’t transfer over if you buy a retail version of AE.

Sven just came out today with this report

the Pricing for DLC is included.

So there is no worry about SFIV DLC. you buy one pack at $15 and you get EVERYTHING!!! 103 costumes for what XBOX charges for a Fourth of them!!! No alternate/Super/Ultimate/AE packs. you buy one to get the entire library for that group or get the entire DLC pack.

*PS EDIT: He said Steam users are screwed right now, DLC will be later for them!!!

Hmmm, that is actually a very good deal.

hell yea. i think my xbox is going in hiding again. Since i can connect 360 and PS3 devices to my pc. now i wonder if i install it on another machine will it transfer also. i have a pc in the living room would be awesome to play on.

Oh wow that deal looks great. Time to add $15 in microsoft points to my account.

Helllss yea that pricing cant be beat with a TE stick!