DLC SLots Theory

I posted a theory related to DLC Slots @ NeoGaf so I felt that I should post it here too.

That’s a good theory. I think some of us have already guessed that though. :rofl:

I have been followed most of threads in main 3 forums, and I haven’t seen anyone guessed that it would be dlc slots. Unless I overlook some pages that I have been skipping.

Only people would guess that we are getting more dlc characters tho.

No, I remember people saying it could be DLC slots too. And even if they are, I guess we’ll find out on our own won’t we? Personally I think they didn’t show Shuma and Jill just because they didn’t want people assuming that they came with the game.

It’s been guessed on Unity before.

*Side note: If there are DLC characters besides Jill/Shuma, pleaze be MM.EXE Capcom. Plz? *:lovin:

Oh Unity. That forum is nightmare to follow. No offense!

Yeah i know. I tend to get ganged up on for speaking my opinions alot.

But back on topic, DLC slots would be a good idea. Theoretically it would allow an unlimited amount of DLC characters.

not getting my hope too high for DLC, so I am going to wait and see.

Agreed. We all know how the vanilla MvC3 turned out. DLC was already on the disk. :confused:

Third stage of grief, bargaining.

Capcom side
Jill | Friebrand | Strider | Pw/Frank
Nemesis | Arthur | PW/Frank | Vergil
Marvel side …|Shuma-Gorath
Nova/RR | Ghost Rider | Hawkeye | Doctor Strange
Nova/RR | Iron Fist | C.America | Dormammu

Sorry if known. Marvel side seems a little random and DLC spots for shuma/jill are the most logical. Ugh, I tried to lining the marvel side up, sorry if not clear.

I am not grieving or something. Stop with your baseless assumption. I got my frank west, phoenix wright, ghost rider, hawkeye, strider, iron fist, nova and dr. strange.

I am bringing up with a possibility of it happening.

I lol’d.

I would make sense for them to make the most popular characters as DLC, everyone would get that Megaman/Gambit. But yeah wait and see.

Why would Capcom make DLC for UMVC3 when they can make more money by releasing yet another new version of the game with more characters?

@Timstuff: You really wanna have that debate again?

Nemesis and Jill above Chris, Strange and Shuma above Dormammu
Iron Fist above Wolverine, Frank above Ryu
Nova and Rocket Racoon above Deadpool, Vergil and Mr. Wright above Dante

Move random spots, Marvel and Capcom logos above the page (where they fit) and you have 3 spots open on each side = 56 characters spots; just like MvC2. Top rows should be DLC guys.

Just like the 3 characters on the Capcom side of SFXT that don’t overlap with SF4 will be the AE DLC offerings at some point.

Capcom LOVES select screen symmetry. :wink:

Um aren’t jill and shumas slots next to the marvel and capcom logo?

Shuma and Jill are still DLC that’s why they are not selectable.

Jill and shumas slots are next to the marvel and capcom logos, with nemesis right under jill and dr strange right under shuma.

cough Lupinko just teased more characters so I hope that my theory is right.

link, source?