DLC Stage Wishlist


Just thought we could have a thread where we could discuss some stages that we wish would be in the game.

I’m pretty sad there is no Warworld, Apokolips, Starling City, or Oa levels :frowning: I’d pay serious money to be able to toss Ganthet at Batman.

I would also like to see more transitionless levels, like Ferris Aircraft or Atlantis.


It’s bullshit we have no Central City. How about The Flash Museum? With Ares in it why not have Tartarus? I’m sure people don’t want more Batman but we could use Crime Alley, Axis Chemicals? With the Killing Joke DLC coming in, why not the carnival for a stage?


I would like to see somewhere associated to the green lantern corp.


Flash Museum
Iceberg Lounge
Amusement Mile
Oolong Island
Belle Reve
Titans Tower


Isn’t Crime Alley in the game? After you get knocked off Gotham rooftop. I always assumed…

Flash Museum would be pretty pimp.


It’s not labeled as such in the game. Crime Alley is normally depicted as lowly lit abandoned back alley with one street light. Stripper joint in the background is no Crime Alley to me, sorry.

I wouldn’t mind a nice non-Orwellian, normal Metropolis stage instead of the One-Earth one.


I just assumed it was that universes Crime Alley.