DLing alternate costumes

I want to download the pack which contains all of the SSF4 alternate costumes, however I already procured one of the previous packages–thus prohibiting me (I think) from purchasing the complete package.

How the hell do I fix this?

Create a new account and buy it on there. That’s how I would do it for PSN. Not sure if it works though.

I ended up buying the full costume pack DLC code from amazon

It worked.

I don’t know if amazon is still seling them.

It shouldn’t stop you. If it does delete what you have and dl the pack

According to your profile you don’t even have a playstation 3.

So, you don’t know that you are wrong.

If you already bought one of the packages, then it would cost you more to buy the complete package then it would to buy the remainder of the packages separately. Math?

This. It’s not like it’s hard to manually press download, what, 5 extra times? Save yourself $3.

320msp per pack, 1440 for all, correct? Say you’ve bought 1 pack, still 6 left. 6x320=1920 i.e. 480msp more.

That’s 6 dollars more


Like I said try getting it digitally. They sell you download codes and the download code enables all of the costumes whether you already had some or not. That’s what I did in vanilla.

The complete costume pack costs $17.99 on PSN. Each of the 7 individual packs cost $3.99. Buy the complete instead of 6 more packs and save $6.

It does work, that’s what I did since the first costume pack I got was a free Super Classic Pack code from Amazon.com and the full set wasn’t showing up on my regular account’s PlayStation store.