DM Tournament Oct. 3 Digital Mayhem(Hosted by Tom & Gonzales)

Results Up!!!

I wanna thank everybody that came down to this. I also wanna thank CT for coming down and proving they aint free. Thank You to everybody that came brougth setups,laptops, and volunterred to run brackets we could not have down it withougth you guy’s.

SF4 Teams

1 Dark Kingdom- WeakSauce3(Balrog,Sagat)
2 Gen Masters -CP,AsianTom(Ken,Gen)
3 Team Big Rig - BRN,SKillzD(Sagat,Viper)
4 Team Evillee - Ev1lee,DSP(Sagat,Blanka)
5 This Game Suxs-Gonzales,Blue9(Chun-li,Abel)
5 3’a Company - Damdai,Gran_Calc(Ken,Boxer)
7 TeamCT - Aumni,MayorMcjustin(Viper,Boxer)
7 McDonalds TacoBell - Justo,Vigilante(Rufus,El Fuerte)
9 Team Snufalufagus - Rambo,FreeChicken(Sim,Rufus)
9 Team Stupid -Syko,AlexM(Gouken,Gouki)
9 Team D-Block - ShadyJ,Magno(Sagat,Boxer)
9 Team Slackers AsianDave,ChadP(El Fuerte,???)
13 Team Abelrog - Dizzam,Mr.Dash(Abel,Boxer)
13 Low Sodium - Kona,Apex(Chun-li,Boxer)
13 Tager it easy - Fraga,Mindgame3(Claw,Dictator)
13 Ream Red Ring of Death - Dr.J,Victormaru(Ryu,Chun-li)

SF4 Singles

1 Damdai (Ken,Viper)
2 Ev1llee (Sagat)
3 Gran_Calc (Boxer)
4 Magno (Boxer)
5 Weak Sauc3 (Sagat,Boxer)
5 Gonzales(Chun-li)
7 Shady J (Sagat,Rufus)
7 AsianTom (Gen)
9 Zorin (Seth)
9 blueNINE (Abel)
9 Justo (Rufus)
9 Free Chicken(Rufus)
13 CP (Ken)
13 Apex (Boxer)
13 AsianDave (El Fuerte)
13 Siyko (Ryu)
17 John Rambo(Sim)
17 Mr.Dash (Boxer)
17 Aumni (Viper)
17 Dr.J (Ryu)
17 Joey Miggs81(Ryu)
17 Kona (Chun-Li, Ryu)
17 Pancho (Ryu)
17 Andrew Jin (Dictator)
25 Dizzam (???)
25 DSP (Blanka,Sagat,Gouken,Gouki)
25 Vyers (Abel)
25 AlexM (Gouki)
25 Boxer (Boxer)
25 Bigmatt187 (???)
25 Mayor McJustin (Viper)
25 Lowtier Hero (Sim)


1 Damdai (Ken)
2 DSP (Blanka,Deejay,Claw)
3 kona (Chun-li)
4 John Rambo (Sim)
5 Mindgame (Dictator)
5 Gran_Calc (Boxer)
7 fraga (Deejay)
7 Zorin (Dictator)
9 Justo (Sagat,Deejay,Ken,Zangief)
9 blueNINE (Ryu)
9 Vierge (Chun-li)
9 Apex (Ryu)


1 Asian Dave - (Noel)
2 Kona - (v-13)
3 L1F3 - (v-13)
4 mindgame - (Arakune)
5 ChadP - (Litchi)
5 BrianJin - (Arakune,Taokaka)
7 Plainview - (Hakumen)
7 Apex - (Noel)
9 Lowtier Hero - (Bang)
9 joeymiggs81 -(Ragna)
9 Baka - (Noel)
13 fraga - (Tager)
13 AndrewJin - (???)

Guilty Gear

1 blueNINE - (May) (LTH: :arazz: )
2 Vyers - (Baiken)
3 Mindgame - (Slayer)
4 Zoob - (Potemkin)
5 Vierge -(May)
5 Baka - (Jam)
7 Plainview - (Slayer)
7 LowtierHero -(Zappa/Anji/Axl)


4. Weak Sauc3(Raphael,Mikey)
5. Vyers(Armaggon)
5. Mr.Dash(Shredder)
7. Mindgame(Shredder)
7. Baka(Leo)
9. fraga(Aska,War)
9. Asian Dve(Raphael)
9. Rahiru(???)
9. Apex(Wingnut)
13. Kona (???)

P.S. SF4 Suxs

Yo Dam~DAI! Dam~dai!!!




Also good shti to Rob in teams and Blue9 in GG. Vyers what happened?! C’mon Son!!!

Damn d, gs.

every tourney it never fails, the later the tourney goes on, the worse i play. i wanna extend a run back MM to both Magno and Gran Calc, FT 5 for 50$ each. if you wanna do less, that’s fine, just say so.

sodium levels are very high.

Good shit to AsianTom and Gran-Calc. Thanks for the beatings. Also thanks to AsianTom on the Gen matchup advice. I dont really play many Gen players, so thanks for telling me AFTER you beat me mercilessly. :wink:

Went under a new gamer name today, just to try it out… Free Chicken worked ok… BUT I might have to change gamer names again for next tourney. Im thinking of going with “a scrub” because not many people ‘got’ my name today.

good games everyone

thanks gonzales & tom


damn magno good shit

don’t mess. magno don’t play

christ if i’d know dsp was going i’d have called out of work. i just need 5 minutes

WeakSauce3, what happened man? You were wrecking everyone in the beginning. Sagat links all day lol. Taking teams by yourself, but BRN was on your team.



damdai is my hero. :clapdos:

Its quite simple. STFU and stop playing it.

Damdai is the white devil we have to overcome.

P.S.: Good shit.

GGs to all the people I played, especially the Blazblue crew. Damdai and DSP, thanks for knocking me out of HDR. It definitely has made me realize that I need to change my gameplan before going against you guys again. Also, thank you Aumni for taking the time to unlock every character for SF4 so everyone can play.

You’re an asshole. :smiley:

if you ever want to beat me in a tourney and i’m doing well early on, just drag the tourney on for 9 hours and you can beat me. i play like a totally different person after a whole day of playing, i just get tired and suck, hence why i didn’t bother asking for MMs while i was still there for the two players i want to play. i knew i was playing terribly and if they want to accept, we can do it next time we’re all at a tourney.


You had a GREAT showing early on

Your Sagat was nasty and your Balrog was great too

Next time you gotta get that fight money

Weak Sauc3-
That’s also one of the reasons why I hate long tournaments. Another is getting home late. Anyway, you’re much better than me – there’s no doubt about this. You wrecked me at the DM tournament at the beginning of August in tournament play and wrecked me at this one in teams. At your best versus my best, I can’t beat you; I suck against zoning and strong defensive play backed by fast reaction time. However, I’d like to see your money match against Magno, since he didn’t seem to do anything stupid or excessively risky when he played your Sagat, while I often do dumb stuff that you usually punish. I would even be willing to pay for part of his side of the pot if he loses.

I don’t know how much of SF4 you can take before your play starts to suffer, but I know I get tired of playing the game after about two hours, whether consecutive or scattered. I saw you playing a decent number of casuals, and you probably did so to pass the time and stay warm. You’re good enough, though, that you don’t need to constantly play to stay warm. If I had played that many games, same thing would’ve happened to me that happened to you.

Even though you could’ve won more, you still earned a decent amount from soloing the team tournament (congrats, by the way), so it wasn’t all bad.

Everyone else-
Good games to everyone, and thanks to the DM crew for another tournament.

rematch over what it was just another tournament and good times, it doesnt prove I am better than you cos I beat you in a set or anything lol, I’m just happy to see CT is lvling up along with everyone else…
plus I pay 600$ a month for a damn car that everytime i put gas in it feels like i just got pickpocket. I’m really broke =P
good games everyone
no money match for me tho i’ll pass my balls didnt drop down that low =D

Good games to everyone.

I could have done better in singles. I’m very sad about that.

magno didnt go to dm. His dopppleganger, Magno Ver Magnusson, showed up instead.

Gran Calc, your Balrog is nasty broseph… good shit.

also good shit to Weak Sauc3 for being a 1 man wrecking crew and taking teams single handedly.

Weak Sauc3… no mm between both of you. I say you and Magno run it back in cvs2, Magno was our equivalent of JCaddles back in the day. Would be cool to see you guys duke it out… also do you think its time we start running cvs2 or some other old game again? I mean we got turtles, we got hdr… maybe have a random game of the month with all these tourneys. Would love to see one more CT MvC1 tourney go down seeing we had one of the best mvc1 scenes in the country at the time.