DMGS x TorontoTopTiers Present - DMGS LAN 1.0 SSFIV:AE/MVC3 Tournament

Does anyone know what time Counterstrike 1.6 starts? Me and my team would like to register

I’m not sure where the non-FG schedule is. Your best bet is to contact Mike Soltys ( the organizer of the event.

What’s up my Canadian friends!?


Naw… I’m just some random. S’all good.

Trying to finalize who’s coming from Buffalo. What time do we need to get there by?

Well the venue opens and registration begins at 4PM, when the venue opens. So get there by 5:30p if you’re entering MvC3, or by 7:30p if you’re entering SSFIVAE.

Anyone other than Buffalo coming out?

Event was a huge success. Posting from phone at work right now but when results are posted I’ll throw a bigger post up after work.

The tournament was mad hype and fun! Thanks to everyone for coming and hope you all enjoyed yourselves!

Before the results thread comes out, Check out the photos taken from the event over at our Facebook page:

Facebook Page

Don’t forget to “Like”! Youtube vids will come soon.


Those pictures are sick.

It was a seriously awesome night / morning ( I think we called it quits around 7:30am? ) and I had a LOT of fun. Looking to seeing the results when they’re posted. Big thanks to TTT and Omega Collectibles for coming down and making the event a success!

Also an extra thank you to Omega Collectibles for the Seimitsu buttons - They’re still looking awesome on my stick :smiley:

Results thread: DMGS x TorontoTopTiers Present - DMGS LAN 1.0 SSFIV:AE/MVC3 Tournament - RESULTS

Vids will be up tomorrow or tuesday.