DNGR S PAPERCUT´s & Bad Games Thread

Heroes of Newerth! Speaking of which …

LoL @ Bastard ducking bob in a tournament.

thread of the year.


An entire troll thread? Yes. Just Yes.

I don’t care if they have no brain… these girls are hot!


thanks to a friend of mine for sharing this vid xD fucking A!

This is from Mundo Canibal, a Brazilian humor website. They make lots of funny videos and animations. The early “Partoba” videos are quite cool!


I want a hug!

N LOL @ this:


chair bitch ruined titties. boooooooooooo

Looking pretty weak there, copying and pasting a bunch of pictures that you didn’t make. Why did this guy get his own thread again?

shut up ultra, you’re jealous.

I totally agree with u phil:

ultra needs some of this:


who is that

Sesho, I thought you weren’t an assman. I just thought you were an ass, man.

Ultra nah man this fits SheSho much better.



Thread of the year.

so you guys like art ?