Do a good amount people still play SSF4:AE?


Im a somewhat veteran of SF4 and SSF4, so I decided to pick of the AE version (finally) only to find there isn’t as much people playing as I used to remember… Is it just me and my connection not finding people, or have most people moved on to Tekken X Street Fighter / MvC? I heard Tekken X Street Fighter was pretty bad, so I skipped on it, any input?



There r still a lot of people playing AE. A lot of people I kno started playing SFxT but have come bk 2 AE now. A few however have gone 2 KoF.


It’s still probably the most played online fighting game, obviously there won’t be as many people playing as when it was fresh, but at least the overall level of skill among the folks that remain should be higher. Try the regional matchmaking forums and the online forums.


Ahh Alright, thanks for the input, I was starting to worry that it was a bad buy and I wasted my money, Yeah, hopefully with the end of CEO 2012, ill start seeing more players


Ceo? Your friends list is going to blow up past evo.


Ohhh yeah, forgot that was acutally coming in a few weeks, haha. Just recently started getting familiarized again with all the events