Do all flat screen TVs have delay?


Considering buying a flat TV – I still have an old, chubby one – but I’d like to check if they still suffer from delay before doing so. If it’d mess up my gameplay it wouldn’t really be worth it. This is the TV I am considering, since it is on sale:

If only some of them have delay, how do I know which ones?


They all do. Check for models you might be interested in.


Scientifically YES, all TV sets have some sort of Delay, Period. Flat screen TVs have delay measured in milliseconds and is noticeable.
Older CRT screens have much less of a delay that can’t perceived by human perception


I didn’t find the model in concern at so I just bought it, hoping for the best! Hope the best is decent, haha!




Get a new Sony Bravia TV (2013 or 2014 model) They have very minimal input lag.


Does it lag less if I use a regular scart rgb cable and skip HD? If yes, I might do that for SF while enjoying single player games in HD.

I’ll hazard the guess that this has nothing to do with it, but it doesn’t hurt to ask.


No, it lags more. The TV has to scale a lower than its native resolution to its native resolution. Even if it does it really fast, it will still have some form of delay.


Okay, thanks!

Turns out this TV doesn’t have composite sockets, only hdmi, and my Xbox is old so it has no hdmi socket. Instead I have a cable in the scart socket, and this cable has both rgb and composite video cords. Problem is I can’t insert the composite video into this TV so for now I can only run on ld. Does anyone know if there are any converters out there? I’d need one where the two audio and three composite video cords are united into a hdmi extension so it fits in the TV.


Does your TV have a slot for a VGA cable? That’s probably your best option at this point.


Uhhh…it sounds like you really should’ve done your homework before buying a TV on a whim.


You mean “Component” (ie, the Red, Green and Blue plugs) and not “Composite” (ie, the Yellow plug).
There are plenty of converters/upscalers out there, with varying degrees of quality and lag.


In my mind the XRGB 2, XRGB 2 Plus and XRGB 3 are the best RGB Scart to VGA adapters for your money.

The XRGB Framemeister Mini, the newest converter supporting HDMI instead of VGA fails, the The Framemeister Mini has about 24 ms of image input lag.
If you really need HDMI output look for a decent VGA to HDMI converter to stack with your XRGB 2, 2+ or 3.

For the best video quality hands down, forget modern flat screens all together. Get your self the CRT Sony PVM monitors, preferably one with a low number on its hourly usage meter.
The PVM monitor can accept the 15hz 240p RGB signal from a Scart cable with very little adaption. The signals are almost electronically compatible, almost as if you don’t have clean sync (and not composite as sync) you need a sync cleaner. Most of these monitors use either BNC connectors or a DB 25 connector, the plug adapters to convert Scart to BNC usually include your Sync cleaner.
You will have to provide separate speakers for sound.


Guys, I think I will get another 360 instead and sell my current one. Cheaper and better. Thanks for your help!


Yeah, that’s probably a much easier solution, lol.