Do all Hori sticks work with ps2 games on BC ps3's?


I guess I’m specifically referring to the Soul Calibur V stick, seeing as how I just bought it from amazon to play ps2 fighters. But now I just saw a youtube comment on a video for it complaining that it didn’t work with ps2 games…

Any help in this regard is appreciated.


Yes it will work.
Youtube comments dont exactly have much weight behind them.
I’ve used an hori fight stick 3, an hori tekken 6, and a v3sa to play games such as CvS2 and SF3 on my 80gb Mgs4 ps3.
If you want anything more solid theres always the fact that the stick your asking about is officially licensed by SCEA.


Thank you for that. It puts my mind at ease some, though admittedly I’m still a bit nervous. Wasn’t the pcb and design changed for this stick from the ones that came out before it?

Have you or anyone else actually tried this particular stick out on ps2 games?


Your overthinking things. As long as the PCB interfaces with the PS3 properly thats all you need for your application.

Its licensed by SCEA to work with the PS3. Its expected to function on par with that of a Dualshock3 or a Sixaxis.


Yeah, perhaps you’re right. Well I do appreciate the help. Long as I can play me some CvS2, I’ll be happy. haha.


You’ll be fine. Unless the stick you receive is faulty, which in that case you’ll want to return it anyway.

You can ask around here for people who actually own it, PS3/Xbox 360 SOUL CALIBUR V Stick.

But in all seriousness, your good.


When the V-series from HORI came out, they didn’t work BC PS3 for PS2.
Then later PS3 Update allowed V-series to work.


Sorry, I’m a little confused, this stick is part of the V series?


HRAP V3 SA/SE, Fighting Stick V3, HRAP 3 Premium VLX.
The SOULCALIBUR V is the newer series of Arcade Sticks from HORI.


Really? I never heard that and I have a japanese v3sa that I bought from ibeatu for a premium before it was release stateside.
Good to know. Learn something new everyday. I guess it was ironed out pretty quick.


Just so everybody knows, the Soul Calibur V fightstick does NOT work with ps2 games. Just like the youtube commenters warned, it works fine on ps3 games, but turns off and doesnt respond when a ps2 game is put in.