Do any Balrog mains here do boxing IRL?



Just curious.


I do actually.


i do ^^ muay thai also


I’ll pay a tenner to anyone who attempts c.lp, c.lp, xx headbutt in a real boxing match! Video proof required :rofl:


I’ve boxed for like 3+ years


Not even amateur. I used to take classes w/ one of my friends who was an amateur and boxed back when I was in high school. Although I don’t have a trainer anymore, I’ve kept the habit of shadow boxing, basic footwork, stance, and punches. Btw, Rog’s stance is the only accurate thing he has lol. Steve from Tekken has a more defined and realistic boxing technique.


I do boxing as a hobby between friends. As a very basic form of match up strategy I use the simplified rock paper scissor boxing strategy for street fighter.

Out Fighter beats Puncher
Puncher beats In fighter
In fighter beats Out fighter

This doesn’t always translate that well though as trying to rush your way into an out fighter (someone like Chun Li/Guile/Dhalsim) will tend to get you killed. But, those characters do tend to get weaker when overwhelmed up close.

For the most part I think Balrog can play all three styles, but I think he excels at the Puncher style. By that I mean I just try to maintain my optimum distance and just counter punch.


I have 5 years of boxing, and some amateur competitive experience. I also have a few years of Muay Thai… but all of these skills gotta be rusty, haven’t hit a bag in awhile. :slight_smile:


I play the saxaphone.


That’s sexy. Must drive the ladies WILD! :wow:


^word. its a Tenor too, so the ladies know im packin heat.


Haha… girls always seemed to like it when they hear I do combat sports. But anyone who does something so a girl will like them is a fucking scrub anyways. :smile:


Haha funny to the people who say they do Boxing and Muay Thai. I main Barlog and Sagat. I don’t know, just found that kind of funny.


Playing Balrog and Sagat doesn’t really remind me of the real sports, but it was a *trip * to play Brad Burns in Virtua Fighter 5. I mean, all those moves are completely real, and he even moves like a real Muay Thai fighter would.

A little too realistic for me… if I’m gonna play a game like that, I’d rather just jump in the ring. :sweat:


I used to box, had to quit because of a tumor in my right shoulder. I get asked by my friends if I pick Balrog for memories of my pugilistic days, and I give em this look ?_? in a way I do but its mostly because he is a beast lol the feeling you get in tourney is the same as the one before a boxing match so the territory is very comfortable for me!


Hi fellow balrog players! I figured this would be a great thread to make my first post on. I’ve boxed for about 4 years and it’s been my favorite sport ever since i was a child. I’ve sparred against some good pros, but never participated in the sport on a competitive level. I had my ribs broke in the ring before but ive never been down on the canvas one time which is one of the things im proud of. I love boxing and will always be huge fan.
Some guys ive either sparred with or trained with alot:
(feel free to google or find them youtube for highlights of their fights!)
Pinklon Thomas (only met couple timea)
Francisco Palacios (talked to every day)
Paul Marfort (tAlked to every day)

Pinklon is older hes a former heavyweight world champ! He now does youth programs and charities for Orlando FL ( where im from ) and he trains boxers
Paul is a former muah thai boxer from argentina turned boxer. He taught me everything i know
Francisco is one of the highest rankes cruiserweights in the world. Undefeated

But Other than my love for Boxing and for Street fighter, My number one passion above both of those is Painting. I’m an aspiring fine artist and am not ashamed to shamelessly self promote any chance I get. Please view my art here: and feel free to comment on what you like and don’t like (won’t hurt feelings). I want feedback, I may or may not change anything with my style based on feedback (probably wont), but it still gives me some direction as to how to market myself.


All Characters I play Have something in Common to what i do IRL.

Abel= JiuJitsu ( Cause I actually only use a Gi and mma shorts when I train lol)


1 year and a half of boxing