Do any of the aritists or anyone at all That worked on MVC2 ever come to comic con?

Just wonderin, cuz i have a rare mvc2 poster that pretty high quality, and i was going to get it framed before i do anything to it, but if any of the artists who worked on mvc2 come, id like to get the posted signed by them first then frame it.

If the answer is no, then i guess ill go ahead and just frame it.

All of those MVC2 style portraits where done by Bengus AKA CRMK. For all of the other Marvel/Capcom games too, the ones that didn’t recycle old Marvel Art for portraits anyway.

Akiman provided artwork for it too (all the Marvel games) but it’s a lot of behind the scenes and stuff, like sprite drawings and things like that.

I don’t know what the Hell Bengus/CRMK is doing. Last game that I know he worked on was CVS2, a few drawings. Someone told me he might of provided artwork for the online Resident Evil Game (possibly under yet a third assumed name, don’t know, I’m not playing RE Online just to check the d credits…) since the drawings look like his style, but Capcom artists tend to copy each other on the regular, so can’t vouch for that at all.

Some people tell me he doesn’t do much nowadays and just collects money from royalties or sits on his money. Akiman’s working on Gundam True Odyssey right now (I think this is a game of sorts, before that he worked on Turn A Gundam and Overman King Gainer with Kinu, his real name is Akira Yasuda), Kinu Nishimura is working on War of the Grail, Edayan does all of Phoenix Wright games, Ikeno does the Devil May Cry games, no idea what Bengus/CRMK is doing…

Frame that sucker. If you are not sure and who knows if a miracle will happen one day and you meet him you can always get one of those removable frames.

What doesnt sano know about SF… damn this guy basically wrote it.

Bengus is now on game development instead of being an artist. He is not in the same creative office as Kinu and others anymore. I have to honor to meet with him in Japan 2 months ago when I vistied Capcom in Japan.

The recent things that he told me he drew was some Onimusha 4 (or officially it is called New Onimusha: Dawn of Dreams) character designs.

Be reminded that UDON is translating the New Onimusha Manga published by Capcom in April! If this becomes a successful project, we will hopefully move onto getting other Capcom related mangas translated in the future, if licensing allows.

Bengus/CMRK really should release an art book of his own.
Not just the Capcom work, either… Just a full-fledged retrospective book.

Thank you so much! I’ve been trying to figure out what he’s been doing for a while now. I think this should answer the question “what sano doesn’t know about SF…” :rofl:

Onimusha manga, huh? Cool! Based on the original trilogy or the new game Onimusha 4?

BTW, do you think Bengus providing artwork for Onimusha 4 has anything to do with the SF2 costumes you can unlock in the game? There’s Ryu, Ken, Chun-Li, Guile, and Cammy costumes in the game, hooray!