Do any pros use a pad in SFV?


Just curious if there are any high level pad players. It seems like most use a stick.


Yeah, Phenom and Luffy both use pad afaik.


Also NuckleDu, Wolfkrone, Snakeeyez…this game is very pad friendly.


Didn’t nuckledu, wolfkrone and snakeeyez also use pads in USF4?


Yeah, I didn’t mean to imply that it was pad friendly because of those players. They did use pad in SF4.

At least regarding sf4, the two things that could hinder you on pad was the relative increase in difficulty in doing piano decapre hands, chun legs etc as well as plinking being more awkward. In SF5 you don’t have to worry about having to piano or plink.


Did Luffy not win evo with a ps1 pad?


Yes indeed. Luffy won Evo with a PS1 pad. And it was a proud moment for pad players like myself.


Yea, go to any tourney or local and half the folks will be rocking some type of pad.

Very common


smug, isdd etc


Phenom - Bison/Necalli

Smug - Karin

Luffy - Nash/Mika

NuckleDu - Nash/Mika/Guile

Wolfkrone - Laura

Snake Eyez - Ryu/Zangief/Alex

imstilldadaddy - Guile

SonicFix - FANG


Keyboard is actually the easiest way to play this game.


Assuming it has anti-ghosting.


My Fighting Commander 5 is acting up. Now sometimes when I roll my thumb from down to back/forward, it misses the middle input (downback/downforward). It’s so annoying, especially when you can just press two buttons on a keyboard.


You forgot to add me. xD xD