Do any world class players use custom sticks?

I’m curious to know if any world class players use custom built sticks, or just store bought sticks.

You see kind of a mix. It’s really all about preference. These days picking up a TE stick is just as good, if not better, quality than some custom builds.

If you’re a beginner to arcade sticks you really can’t go wrong these days by buying with madcatz or hori.

Theirs just something about having a stick thats all your own, though. Something that is completely unique and, in my opinion, someone’s stick says alot about their personality.

Isn’t Choi famous for having a MAS stick?

Alex Valle uses a modded version of a TE stick. He has an american bat top stick inside of his TE.

I’m probably not what you would call a world class player but definitely competitive and my stick is basically a poker briefcase with an ethernet cord used for the controller wires and C.Viper artwork on the front… So yeah…my stick is about as custom as it gets.

He has a Happ/iL stick in his TE or just a Sanwa with a bat top on it?

I’d like to see a TE with American parts in it.

You can’t fit an American stick or most American buttons in a TE case.

Buktooth had a beat up old custom in the CvS2 days. Not sure about now.

Heard SBO uses LS-32-01 as their standard joystick.

I thought you could, it would just require some extreme modding. Like, so much so that it wouldn’t be worth the effort.

Technically, SBO uses whatever is stock in the cabinet used for the game. So Vewlix games have JLFs.

and your stick is so sexy too.

I remember seeing someone (don’t remember if it was wong or some other person.) using a clear case stick with LED lights that turned on upon pressing them. Something wants to tell me it was NIN and not wong with it though…or some Korean Tekken player.

Pictures? This sounds sexy.

world class players don’t have their own sticks they borrow other people’s sticks. daigo at evo had like a whole crew of roadies setting up his stick including the dude that he borrowed it from. that is a true baller.

Haha, yeah dude. At SB4 he would just put up his hands when he had a match and some random would always pop a TE into his hands lol. You know you’re good when you can get a stick without even saying a word.

Maybe that’s how we finally beat Daigo, no one lend him a stick and he forfeits. It’s BYOC after all, no one has to loan you a stick… :slight_smile:

I remember seeing yours at Season’s Beatings, mine was the Deadpool wood case one with the tentacle monster of cords (yay early Cthulhu boards). Once I get some cash I’m getting mine changed to use the ethernet port like yours does.

or maybe the organizers would lend him a stick ._.

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Most dont, if some thing happens to a custom set-up it might be weird playing on sumthing else @ a turny.