Do anybody know how to stop the battop from moving around while playing?

i switched to battop awhile ago and the one thing that bothers me the most is when i am playing with it the battop moves around like its not twisted on tight enough when i tighten it really tight! any help would be really good.

Did you use a flathead screwdriver to tighten it? If so, then remove the battop and make sure the adapter inside is at the top of the battop before screwing it onto the stick.

That’s just how it is with the JLF. It spins with the shaft.

^ idk, mine used to come loose every few days. Like I literally had to tighten it back on after enough time playing on it. The main problem is the bat top coming loose from the adapter. idk what you could use to fix that though. but something to keep the battop and adapter fused together basically

Yeah that happened to me the first week I got it. You can take pliers and tighten the adapter onto the shaft, then tighten the bat top, or just over torque it a bit.

Over time I think it just stops. Or I just conditioned myself to re-tighten it while playing and I don’t realize it.

Mine doesn’t even spin that much either, but I use an LS-55 spring and one of Laugh’s JLF extenders.

if i were to keep doing that it would be hell lol…i’m using a tekken 5 stick for ps2 lol


Try a little plumbers thread seal tape. I use it to secure buttons down so the don’t move.

I use Loctite to glue the battop to the adapter. That sucker [the adapter] is never going to come loose.

OMG Paris this is amazing… ::runs to add some to the crown buttons::

Don’t know why i never thought of this.

i’d second the loctite motion.

I used it to fix mine, when attempting to remove the bat top… it was not good… but if you love the bat, then it’s a green flag, go go go!

Also you are supposed to remove the shaft cover.

Don’t do this!!!