Do balltops really make a difference?

I’m just curious. I’m interested in making the feel of my TE stick the best that it can be; im not too concerned about how it looks.

Well it’d be hard to grip the stick without them…

Are you asking about differences in size or ball vs bat top?

It’s all a matter of preference. Some people like ball tops, some people like bat tops. You already switched to an octogonal gate. Who knows, you may like a bat top better too?

The octo gate is temporary. So far I like it.

I noticed alot of the custom sticks had those translucent bubble ones. I was wondering if those would be better than the one my TE stick came with,

30mm Ball tops are all equal. It’s just a matter of appearance.

i have been trying to get one realneo. doesnt respond to any emails. dunno where else to get them

Lizard Lick has. has.

Wait? Why not just order from like normal. The TheRealNeoGeo is who you’re talking about right? Am I missing something in this thread? None of the questions seem to make sense. Of course it’s 2:30am… I need to sleep.

i’m looking for pink lizard lick doesnt have and gaming now does not list

i wanna talk to him about other stuff too? i dont just want a ball, that would be silly

scroll down. almost to the bottom.

that’s a clear pink ball top, and they’re instock at lizard lick.

is no one paying attention? they are not 30 millimeter pink seimitsu product LB-30

I’m not sure what you are wanting.
I see Pink LB-35, Pink LB-35-M, Pink LB-39.

And I now see you quote me in your Signature.
What is that for?

Oh man, you are right.
We were not paying attention. :sad:

Ragnarok64 meant to type 35mm though.
And you quoted that, so I thought you meant that too.

all 35 millimeter jdm i have a lot of those already. im interested for mini ball

iono the quote just made me laugh really hard

sorry, it’s late here and I thought you were looking for clear pink 35mm.

They’ve also got 45mm balltops for bigger hands.

Balltops are much, MUCH more ergonomic and comfortable to use than a battop. Thus aids in accuracy as well.

When i tried going back to a battop, using it felt like i was trying to arm-wrestle with the stick. Blehh.

i go back and forth. Ball tops are great because there’s all kinds of ways you can hold them, this helps in execution. Most people have a dominant direction in fighters at first with moves, the ball top allows oyu to move your hand in a variety of ways to find how to do it.

Balltop types are all about appearance and color coordination.

Unless you have large hands and must have one of the larger size balltops (45mm?) then they handle the same regardless of manufacturer or appearance-type.

I generally like the solid Sanwa colors better. Seimitsu balltop solid colors, like their pushbuttons, generally have softer, faded colors that I don’t think go as well with pushbuttons unless you’re a Seimitsu pushbutton fan. On the other hand, I love the Seimitsu bubbletops and they’re probably the nicest-looking and easiest to color-coordinate custom balltops ($4) on top of being a heck of a lot cheaper than the Sanwa meshballs ($12). I have bubbletops in light blue, red, and green… The blue and red bubbletops look particularly nice.

(The parts vendors and Sanwa say it’s the “manufacturing process” that makes the meshballs more expensive. I say it’s a LITTLE of that and probably more the fact they don’t make these more than 2-3 times a year in lots.)

Still like the meshballs, though. Just been easier to put on bubbletops with various color combinations…

Sorry about that.