Do bezel's fit outside the te-s?

Um, essentially I bought art’s plexi and some art using the template. Now I have an emty space from the end of the template to the edge of the stick. Is a bezel suppose to go around there? And where can I order one that will ship to canada. Don’t feel like shipping a bezel to point roberts and driving there >:(

The Te-s doesn’t have a bezel. I dont get it, you are saying it like it was different before u bought the template. There was never an original bezel.

It really depends on the plexi you bought.

Art has like 3 or 4 different varieties.

You need to specifiy which variety you’ve purchased.

well it just looks odd. I bought a TE plexi, and now there is a sticky glue residue from the previous artwork on the border.

Tek-innovations has 3 acrylic top sizes for the TE.

The standard that is designed to go into the bezel.

Then extended designed to cover the distance the bezel covered.

And the Full. This one covers the entire square surface of the TE just like the Stock art of the TE-S.

Which one do you have?

If you bought some GooGone, you could remove the residue with a Q-Tip and paper towel.

I believe I bought the regular te. And I’m using a TE-S.

Here’s a photo I just took.

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That is the standard. The bezel will fit with that but won’t cover the adhesive. Buy some Goo Gone to dissolve the crud. I usually get it at a Walmart or Drugstore. Don’t know if you have Walgreens or CVS Pharmacy in Canada. Oh and don’t forget to remove the art and plexi when you apply the goo gone. It will soak and stain the art oily yellow.

thank you.

why the hell does ur bezel leave a residue like that? it doesnt happen to my TE round 2… and im see u again on PSN foreal i want a rematch

It’s because the TE-S has adhesive on the full plate. The R2 has a different design, and it isn’t a full-plate artwork. TE-S isn’t really even designed for a bezel. But if you’re using the plexiglass panel of arthong (at least just the regular size), you can fit a bezel.

man it must have been like 5 am for you when I played you.

Yea you ordered the wrong one though now you have to use a bezel. Im waiting for my plexi and i too have the TE-S but i did get the FULL;)