Do Bison players get enough credit?

Today is a proud milestone for me. I got my 4 millionth piece of hate mail after finishing a match today. I don’t get it. Do people not grasp how basic a tool Bison is? That to attack he must either jump in (which is floaty enough that you hae time to grab a sandwich) or walk right into the danger zone of players that naturally revert to the all too-powerful combination of backing up and attacking at the same time?

As I was playing a Chun Li earlier today it hit me all over again, as it regularly does, how there’s this annoying tendency for some characters to have MORE than they need. Chun Li WITHOUT a neutral HK that covered both sides would be fine. Or without an air throw, or hell even without a projectile would be fine. But somehow, Capcom, felt that only 55,000 different moves covering the gamut from unbelievable anti-air, to great dashing, to zoning, to amazing pokes, to a comboable ultra, etc would create a complete character. I look at a match between a Bison holding their own against a great Chun Li or Oni or Gouken, etc and I understand the amount of work necessary to make that contest viable. The idea that he’s top tier independent of what’s required of Bison players to get him there is horrendous. I was in a series of endless matches the other day and decided, for the hell of it, to try out Ken and Ryu. I’ve used charge characters forever, but because of Bison’s teleport, I was comfortable with QCF and F + QCF. Granted I lost, but the level of pressure I WASN’T dealing with was amazing and the effectiveness of doing fairly basic things was a little puzzling.

This is not a butt hurt rant or a complaint about the character. Rather it’s a public acknowledgement of the work we Bison players put in in terms of creative problem solving, that 6th sense you have to develop as a Dic, and the committment to a character that doesn’t magnify but rather reflects how much you’re willing to put into getting better.

Winged Generalisimo hats off to ya!

This kind applies to all other low tier chars aswell, there are always worse chars in fighting games, and if you choose to play them you’re going to have to work harder than others.

You’re absolutely right. My main gripe is the perception that Bison is a high tier character. Granted, I don’t lose sleep over it. It’s just puzzling to me since I really get a lot of hate mail (I admit I grab and throw like it’s going out of style, which is frustrating for people I suppose) talking about how cheap the character is and how I’m an asshole that only gets ahead by, you know, picking a beast mode character.

What makes Bison so good is he has tools some characters can really struggle to deal with such as the combination of his pokes and mobility (hi stand heavy kick) and his light scissor kicks. With that said at the end of the day he is pretty basic and relies on fundamentals and constant solid play with his low damage, poor comeback potential and no true way to open up his opponent other than frustration or getting in their head. He also requires constant good spacing or he can be free to jump ins if you aren’t good with reaction jump neutral mk, hk or fp when stand heavy kick won’t work.

Tl;dr people who bitch about Bison, especially after the nerfs he went through are a bunch of salty scrubs who should quit this game. He’s easy at low to mid level play, but who isn’t?

I’ve gotten lot of hatemail too…:(…even when i lose. -_- smh…


All you need to do is read the video comments to get my response. This match plays out like this, I dominate Ibuki player, he knocks me down once in fortunate circumstances and guesses right twice. That’s it. Yet all the comments are full of stuff about Bison being mad cheap and stuff like that. Sure I showed my inexperience in the match-up trying to EX PC through kunais, but I certainly outplayed the player.

In short, does Bison get enough credit? No, because the people who comment on Bison are unskilled players. In an unskilled environment Bison is broken, lol and it’s very easy to get to a decent level with him against pretty average level players.

Don’t expect to get praise from people watching your matches at tournament or internet trolls. They’re the average players who lose to your character all the time.

If you’re winning tournaments with Bison at relatively high level tournaments then you’re pro as hell because the best players know how limited he is in certain departments (AA’s, damage, comeback potential etc.)

This is a troll thread right?
To mention Dic and low tier in the same sentence is huge fucking troll.
I’m not saying he’s the top of the top but sak or rose players have more legitimate claims then you guys do.

just want to say this:

players who say Bison is cheap/easy mode/OP/ect. can eat a dic.


You are the same ones who made him lose his qcf ultra with your ignorant bitching. And you are also the same ones who continue to get massacred by him even WITH those nerfs because you still don’t know how to stop f**king pressing buttons.

Bison is still solid, and made it out of AE to 2012 with minor buffs not nerfs.

So stay free, and stay salty. Someday, I hope you people stop complaining about a character who really has to break his back to compete at top levels and learn to up your game instead of crying about him.

Stop feeling emotions and play the damn game.

You want a character that requires a ton of work with high risk and low reward? Change modes to Super and play Makoto.

I have respect for Bison, but I think this thread is underselling him by quite a bit.

Also I agree with that dude above talking about Rose. She’s the hardest character to use in tournament in my opinion.

Sakura doesn’t have claims to that imo, any character that can dizzy and kill with two correct guesses/mixups is never that. Rose I can agree with.

So why don’t you just pick up one of these other chars? Serious question.

90% of the players put emotion over playing. Almost every thread has someone posting their relationship with the character. We’ve had our good times, and our bad times, but last night I had to dump Bison. Although I thought it was a heartbreaking decision, I think it’s best that we part our separate ways. He’s just not treating me right, as he used to in Super.

The universe is nothing but a collision of hitboxes. Free your mind and dictate your terms.

You dumped him? But Bison is soooo awesome in bed. Unprotected sex all night, afterwards he just gives me a nice psycho abortion with ultra 2 so I don’t have to run to the drug store for the morning after pill. But just between you and I, our relationship has been faltering just a bit in that department. Ever since AE with that new charge motion on psycho punisher, he warped away from me on accident instead of giving me an abortion a few times (he actually warped to the other side of the country before- it was awful)… so… I don’t know how I feel about sleeping with him anymore. Please don’t tell him I mentioned this on a public forum with his name on it, he might get really embarrassed and angry at me. I still love him, and I will always use him in this game but I might have to find a different guy to sleep around with outside of it. How about those quarter circle people? Kinda lame Bison needs a charge to do anything to me. His footsies are top class though.

[S]i hope i dont get infracted for th[/S]is,

[S]also no homo I am a girl[/S]

[S]I regret nothing![/S]

Don’t tell me not to have emotions about this shit, bro. When I sit down to play street fighter, i laugh, i cry, i thank god, and at times i will curse him. In frustration, I will punch my little brother in the face and knock over the cat’s feed bowl. Ahh yes, but on a win streak, I will call over my beloved girlfriend and make sweet love to her like it’s the last time, and she will know that win percentages were stellar that day. Stop feeling emotions? Man, you’ve never truly played SF even once.

I find it deeply odd that you’re not a guy.

I do as well. I would cry in a corner about how strange I am (it is something I stop and think about from time to time tbh), but when I do that Bison just comes by and starts chipping me to death with his buffered scissor kick loops :confused:

I’m 100% avoided on XBL because I don’t give a damn.

I play Bison, you press a button…you’re fucked. I bring the noise.

I don’t complain about any character because that gets old. EVERYONE DOES!

People always complain about Bison…to those haters…KEEP THE HATE. IT ONLY MAKES BEATING UP ON YOU THAT MUCH BETTER!