Do capcom exaggerate the effectiveness of vanilla s.LK?



The single hit move s.LK was changed to a multi-hit move when SSF4 was released. Ever sense, the development team have refused to revert the change. They think its the most OP normal ever! o_0
I know the move was good in vanilla and useful for Sagat, but was it really that good that it had to be removed?

For the next release, USF4, the second hit of s.LK is cancelable, which is pathetic. Why not just make it a single hit move again? facepalm

What do you think?


AS a guy who plays Gat, no, that shit should never come back. Giving Gat a move that good for inclose fighting is retarded.


No it makes sense , since his close game is non existant and zoning in the game isn’t good. It stops characters from just standing spaming which ever faster higher priority normal they have and gat can do nothing.

Being a Guy player you should have ZERO problems getting past his wall. Gat can’t even reliably Anti Air Guy FFS.


What’s the deal with s.LK in Ultra then? So only the close version is cancellable and even then only the second hit?

If so that sounds kind of bullshit. I don’t see why he shouldn’t have the far standing version as cancellable because of all the ways past his fireballs and the fact he gets beat out so much by jump-ins (looking at you Balrog, Sakura). At the very least they should up the damage of the far standing version. It’s literally pitiful, the amount of damage it does.


I hate to say this, but I watched the JAEPO footage very closely from the archive of that Nico stream of Daigo Bonchan and Haitani playing UltraSF4. It definitely appears that Sagat being able to special cancel is no longer in the game.

Bonchan appeared to try to cancel several times into ts and it behaved exactly like it does now. I saw where cr.lp came out several times immediately after a as if he was buffering the motion but the special never canceled from the lk.

So it’s up in the air at this point regarding the special cancel being added back to st. lk it seems.


Capcom pls


Last I heard they took the double cancel out (which is fair since that is pretty dumb) and returned it to the one hit cancel at the tip (but not as far as it used to be).

They have no clue what to do with any of the characters it seems (apart from dumb shit like buffing Viper), we’ll just have to wait and see. Both Ultra fixes, the TK force stand and DWU are still good enough to make Sagat a threat even in his bad matches. I’d be happy with them if that’s all we got. We’ve played with no cancel for so long now it’s like being hungry for a day then going past the hunger and you don’t give a fuck anymore.