Do Choiversals still work in this game?

I didn’t think to try it in the first beta (because nobody V-Reversals yet), but it could be a useful tool and maybe one of you guys tried it. Is it still possible to OS it, or does it have to be on reaction to the V-Reversal?

Sub-question instead of make a new thread: What is with the grey life? I get that it’s like SF4 recoverable life, but how does it keep getting in my life bar when I’m playing Chun-Li? She doesn’t even have armor moves! Is there an action that costs health?

All medium and heavy normals cause gray damage on block.

This explains some of my success with Chun-Li’s V-Trigger. Thanks.

Choi-versals are honestly something that people need to test.

WTH is a Choi-versal?

It’s an OS to counter Alpha counter in older games.

It might be possible, depending on if V-reversals have invincibility or not.

Do you have a video where this happens in the older games?

In the Necalli thread it was said that Necallis v reversal is so underwhelming that he can get thrown out of it. If we are still hearing reports of lights and throws stuffing V Reversals there probably is some window.

Just watch any old A2 tournaments and you’ll inevitably see it happen.

On a related note, Maj’s old site is a goldmine for stuff like this.

I just saw R Mika use a cancel into V-Trigger to beat her own V-Reversal.

If we can work this into an option select, then Choiversals might make a comeback.

as long as v-reversals ‘freeze’ the game - including the cancel window - i dont see any reason it shouldn’t work.

It all depends on whether or not the game counts the initial “parry” state as a block/hit so any buffered move that only activates on block/hit comes out.

If there indeed is such a thing as choi-versals in SFV (well, in any game), doesn’t that beat the purpose of V-Reversals and should be regarded as a glitch to be fixed rather than accepted as a natural part of the game?

Let me guess - it’s called a Choi-versal because of John Choi?

exactly, he invented it during the Alpha 2 days. Much like the ValleCC from the same game.

No, not really. It’s definitely not a glitch. I mean, if the devs want V-Reversals to be totally unbeatable no matter what (which I think they are in KOFXIII), then they can make them all fast and give them total invincibility.

It’s an option select when done properly (I imagine it’s also possible to do them on reaction to V-Reversal in some cases like with certain V-Triggers), which are a natural part of the game engine and not a glitch. SFV still has OSes like for catching backdashes… it’s just that there’s no point because wakeup backdash no longer has invincibility.

They’re trying to avoid the oki OS fest that was SF4, buuuut… I think Choiversals would be fine because they would create gameplay. Say I’m doing a string with Ken that ends in Hadouken on a cornered opponent. The defender would have to be careful to only do the V-Reversal on the Hadouken, because that can’t be canceled into SRK. However, all the normals I would do in the string ARE cancelable, so if you’re mashing V-Reversal, then it’ll just get SRK’d if I’m inputting SRK with Choiversal timing the whole time. AFAIK Ken’s Run is cancelable into SRK, so there could be another layer to the corner game where I can cancel a normal into a run into an SRK against a V-Reversal. The defender would have to specifically watch out for “safe” normals to V-Reversal against a Ken that can Choiversal. By only committing to doing Choiversalable normals, a Ryu or Ken is actually give up a lot of potential pressure they could be doing.

Basically I’m saying Choiversals actually require some commitment and are a far cry from SF4 style “I knocked you down now you better just block on wakeup because anything else you do will get automatically OS’d” knockdown OSes that don’t create any gameplay or require commitment.

IMO, whether or not Choi-versals (if they do exist in V) should stay depends on how strong V-Reversals are. They were fine in Alpha 2 due to how strong Alpha Counters were in that game.

I’ve been trying to get an OS Choiversal SRK off with Ken, but I think the V-Reversal freeze eats your inputs. :[ No old-school tactics

Blowbacks in KoFXIII arent unbeatable technically. Not sure on the frames or invincibility properties (if there is any) but they have to be timed as you can be hit out of them by normals. So IIRC if Yuri is doing a crLKx2 into stLK, Im pretty sure you can be hit if you blowback/VR the first and second LK.

It works but the person doing the ac is fully invincible and goes through everything. I tried doing it with ken’s mp dp, ex dp and super. The ac ate all of them.