Do command grabs auto correct?


I can do an auto correct DP but i was trying to do an auto correct CG with hugo against a rolling dummy and i couldn’t get it to work. I would do hcb+k right as the dummy was about to roll through me then hit kick as he stood up on the other side but hugo would just do get the grab i would have to wait until they rolled through me then start the motion.


they do, same with preset combos -_-. Tried to troll this guy who mashed an auto combo thinking the animation wouldn’t turn his character around and it did xD


I’ve noticed this with Hugo and Marduk’s half circle throws. They seem to choose whether they want to come out or not sometimes.

Hugo’s grabs in particular are super finicky, especially ultra throw. All versions have the same frame data so use LK in any scenario where you could potentially get something else- if standing kick or lariat comes out instead you’ll have the least recovery.


This weird thing happens to me when I use Abel. Someone tries to cross me up and I duck under their crossup and press jab as they land, and Abel executes a command throw. I would find it annoying except it always seems to result in a connected tornado throw…


I believe all commands are autocorrectable. I haven’t had it happen in THIS game but in SF4 I’ll try to forward dash under a crossup attempt and it’ll autocorrect so I dash the other way and get hit. I’d be surprised if this game doesn’t have the same input rule.


The reason i ask is i’m wondering if it’s possible to find a sweet spot versus a down opponent where you can go into a low/OH mix up if they stand up str8 up but if they roll do hugo’s ultra throw or spd and time it so that it will auto correct and grab them at the first possible frame as they recover from the roll. I’m sure they could jump to escape but if we leave jumping as their only option that would be very good…