Do controller users stand a chance in fighting game tourneys?

I’m sure this has been discussed before, but i’m new here so give me a break.
I’ve wanted to join local fighting game tournaments for the longest, but i’m afraid of doing so since I play with a normal Dualshock 3 controller, the thought of facing opponents who have mastered arcade sticks is quite intimidating. so what is the consensus on this topic? is an arcade stick the only way to go? or is it a matter of skill and not about what kind of controller you use?

btw i bought a HORI FS3, and i just felt awkward using it. i think i will stick with my dpad.

pad > stick :smiley:

I have won enough times with a pad but ofcourse this is related to me. Some people just play better with other means of controllers. Look at wolfkrone or Vangief. Wolfkrone is considered one of the best right now and he uses pad

It’s possible, don’t worry.

The majority of tournament players prefer to use a stick, but it is possible to get good with a pad as well.

It’s all preference. If you like playing games with your tongue or ass cheeks, then fine. Play with comfort.

SnakeEyez, Floe?, and Fanatiq to add to that list.

Of course they do.

Guess i’m sticking with my controller then. but i would like to learn to use a stick eventually, my game would be SO much better with the extra precision… i hate it when im using a shoto and i input a shoryuken and he does a hadoken or something else.

Shoto is probably the easiest character on pad to learn. Just practice your execution.

I’m better with a pad (but damn the start button getting in the way). My only major problems is calling out assists, but that problem is more or less resolved (since I’m not much of an assist person)

Rex0r fucked shit up on an unfamiliar pad like 3 weeks ago.

Pad is fine, but I wouldn’t rule out switching to stick. pretty much all of the best Pad players admit that they want to switch to stick.

Pad Giefs are gdlk.

But if you must plink or piano on a pad, kudos to you.

Didn’t we have this thread last week?

asking the wrong question.

better questions would be something like the following:

“do online players stand a chance in tourneys?”

“do guys that just play against like 2 other guys stand a chance in tourneys?”

“do guys that never go to arcades stand a chance in tourneys?”

“do guys not highly active in the local scene stand a chance in tourneys?”


sticks/hitbox vs. pad? this is what have to say: its easier to eat spaghetti with a fork than chopsticks, but it can be done both ways. you should at least try eating your spaghetti with a fork sometime though, because it is the generally accepted easiest way to eat spaghetti.

I never liked stick, it may just be interesting to play with but not to take serious. I played enough fighting games to know I prefer analog or even pad instead of stick.

For pads I REALLY like the pdp fightpad with the little nub NGPC style. It’s cheap and works really well. It’s asymmetry lets you “claw grip” it and use your three fingers for inputs in a comfortable way.

If the nub was just a little more restrictive, it’d be damn near the perfect pad as far as I’m concerned.

Choice of sticks for fighting games is simply a matter of preference, since many feel that since FGs were made in arcades then arcade controls are still best. However, skill > controller choice.


I use pad for every fighting game. My excuse for not using stick? Can’t even afford that ish…

I mean I have used a stick for a week just practicing movement and to get a feel of it, and I’m still having trouble trying to backdash. Flicking the analogue stick back twice is part of my muscle memory.
Also, I’m an impatient person, so I don’t like dedicating myself to learn a game all over again when I was just fine on a pad.

I’ve always wondered this myself… I feel I’m semi serious when it comes to fighting games. Meaning I can pick up a game and if i enjoy it enough and find a character I like I can compete well with casual players as well as tournament players. I say semi serious because I dont spend 10+ hours in a day trying to complete a certain string of combos or whatnot. I’m a competitor by nature and I play to win and get pissed if I lose haha. But in regards to this, I was once told that if I ever wanted to get super serious about fighting games and actually winning them I would need to switch to stick. I actually thought of taking his word for it, because I wanted to actually push harder and become a better gamer in that respect but I had been winning on my own since before I knew I could even plug an arcade stick to a console. So, much like everyone else said, use what you prefer. Don’t follow the generalization that only stick fighters win/ are better tourney players, prove that wrong. I know I’m willing to test that, dare I say, myth…