Do damage scaling resets after a DHC?

like when storm does her LA XX LS the hit counter is at like ish. but then when u DHC into Sent’s HSF each drone does nuff damage even though each drone should only add one more point of damage.

obvioulys this is not the case but then the HSF should do more damage. does anyone know exactly what happens. is it like partial reset when u DHC the damage scale starts from the beggining or it starts back at like 50% or what?

that’s true, a RP after storm DHC into HSF does a lot more than 1 point of damage.

nope it doesn’t reset… lightning storm doesn’t do too many hits to cause each HSF do 1 dmg. try doing a tempest combo then dhc to HSF.

no, it doesn’t reset. if you go ironman infinite into PC, dhc into HSF then do RP, it’s 1 point.

as far as the storm thing goes… i dunno, but i think sombody was saying about it being glitchy or something, cuz you can get the 20 hit LA xx LS combo, DHC, and the RP + commando does a LOT still.

actually the damage does reset everytime you dhc to a new character thats the reason that most 100% are possible. it just gets scaled differently everytime you dhc.

yeah i think that makes sense cuz if u do a HSF by it self it does a certain amount of damage but if u DHC into HSF it does less damage but its more than just 1 per hit.

So i’m thinking that when u DHC it doesn’t reset the damage to normal but like halfway between normal and 1-point-per-hit