Do Different TVs Significantly Affect Your Combos?

Sorry if my question sounds ridiculous, but I couldn’t help but think my combos were being ruined by switching to a different TV. After switching TVs, I went in to training mode with Doom and could not land my BnB once, it seemed like I had a lot less time to do everything. The dummy seemed to recover a lot faster. I then went into mission mode and found that I couldn’t do the later missions for certain characters (which I’m normally able to do).

I then switched to my other TV and I was able to do my Doom BnB with ease…it felt like I had so much more time to connect everything. I also went into mission mode and was able to do all the missions I was having trouble with earlier without much trouble at all. Both TVs have LCD displays, but the TV that was giving me difficulty had a larger screen. Am I delusional or is this a common problem?

I usually play with a 40 inch screen at home and I run a Jill/Ghost Rider/ Iron Man Team
when I’m online playing on my 40 inch, I’m able to perfectly run my combos with Jill Mix-ups, and still able to triangle dash with Iron man
When it came to a tourny that used nothing but 20 inch screens I was almost murdered at some matches. I wasn’t able to connect any of my combos and I found myself to using Trish/Ghost Rider/ Jill team to get me the win.

Take this also to a small fact that I’m nearsighted and I always prefer a bigger screen to play on.

I cannot play on my big screen downstairs and purposefully brought the smallest TV to my room so I could play better. I’ve never been able to play on plasma screen TVs.

When I play on my TV and tournament TVs it’s fine, but when I go to my friend’s house even my movement suffers (couldn’t tri-dash with Doom for the life of me).

Alternatively, he practices all these combos at home, but when he plays anywhere else he can’t do them.

Funny thing is, his TV is so much nicer (read:more expensive) than mine, and yet mine is lag free.

The tv’s may have different delay, try putting the tv in gaming mode

Getting used to a different monitor is definitely a real issue. I play on a tube tv at home but when I go to my local meet ups it’s all flat screens. it definitely takes me a few games to get used to. Laggy monitors are wackkkk.

Laggy screens folks, laggy screens. Tech talk has a thread with a list of non-laggy screens for you to peruse at your leisure.
Most tournaments will have non-laggy LCDs. Most HDTVs are not lagless. Most people find a cheap non-laggy monitor to play fighters on, re: ASUS 23’ VH236H (used at EVO). I cannot play properly on laggy screens because I hit confirm visually and I want to land my AAs damnit!