Do DirectInput to XInput drivers cause extra latency?


I want to replace my unreliable 360 pcb based stick with a Cthulu and use it with SFV via some DirectInput converter like x360. Has the lag ever been measured for these?



What’s a little more latency to a lovely 8f of lag game? =)


XOutput 0.11 does not add any noticeable input lag. X360CE does. I do not know if the “SF5dinput” workaround adds any input lag or not. But if you can get Xoutput to work on your computer, it’s clean and solid.
One thing I do NOT know is if a Xinput to Directinpiut wrapper named “Xinput Plus 0.43” adds any input lag or not, but that’s designed for XINPUT sticks in older games, which is outside of this discussion.


Well, it all adds up, making things even worse. xD


I like the idea of using SF5dinput but I don’t know how you would ever test the latency. Not that I have the tools to do so anyway. What are the basic steps for installing XOutput? I couldn’t quite work it out from the readme. Does it hook into some other driver from elsewhere?



Did you download the RELEASE version or the source code version? The release version has instructions, and it’s rather self explanatory. Unzip to a new folder, Run (driver) low level installer, run configuration, set your buttons (this is required), then hit “START” (this is the step some people may overlook, including yours truly). Hitting start installs the xbox 360 driver that your configuration you set maps to.

If you mess up completely, just delete the INI file or CFG file in the xoutput folder.

And it’s a driver. It installs a driver that is seen by the computer as an Xbox 360 controller, so there is no added latency that is measureable.
(so you must have the Microsoft xbox 360 drivers already installed).