Do Dragon Punch with an Arcade Stick

The way I do dragon punch with an arcade stick is move and hold the stick to the d/f position then from there I do a small circle and the dragon punch will come out. However, I cannot do the dragon punch consistently when I start at the forward position (walk forward and do the dp). Is there any tricks people here can share with me?

The trick is called practice… Practice!? We’re talking about PRACTICE!!?


That’s a very…odd…way of doing a dp. No wonder you can’t do it while walking forward.

I have a very special trick for doing dps. I start by moving the stick to the f position. Then I move it to the d position. Then I move it to the d/f position. Works wonders.

I can’t believe we sittin’ here talkin’ bout… practice.

Shut yo mouth!

But I’m just talkin’ bout practice.

Allyouken !


I do the SAME THING!! How’d you get ahold of my trick?

I make a C. [media=youtube]mv5qzMtLE60&feature=related[/media]

I’m looking for any type of video tutorial as well since I’m still using the 360 and PS3 controllers. I found this one and never played Capcom Vs SNK, so this is Sakura’s shoshosho(not sure if this is the real move name). It looks like there’s a dp motion within it. It might not be the best video but it’s the closest to watching how the wrist snapping works:

Best way I was told to do it back in the day. Haven’t had a problem since SF2 using this idea.

I’m confused by the barrel roll :confused:

When I have trouble doing a DP, it’s usually because I end up going :r: :d: :r:… ie, I end on :r: and don’t hit :df:. On a pad, :df: is hit while going to :r:, but not necessarily on a stick (square gate and all).

Just make sure that you’re ending in that down/forward corner. I’ve found square-gates to be much, much easier to do DP’s on than any other controller, thanks to that corner.

Doesn’t the square gate make fireballs that much harder, though? (I don’t know…never played with one before)

Z for zhoryuken.

You could always do a Super (when you have no Super Meter, of course).



Depends. You do have to be more deliberate with the fireball motion, but once you get used to it, it’s definitely doable (and I’ve even come to prefer it). At first though, it takes adjustment. When I first started playing on a square gate, super motions gave me no end of difficulty, but spending time with it corrected that.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m liking the square gate. I’m just adjusting from coming from pads.

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