Do extension cables cause input lag?

The Gamecube cable is way to short for an MC modded stick so I picked up an extension cable for 99 cents. Yes 99 cents.

I also have an extension for the PS1 as well. Do extension cables cause any input lag? I’ve heard things like if the cable is long than 5m you get lag but that is for usb. Don’t know about extensions. If anyone has any knowledge it would be appreciated.

No lag, I have used two extension cables at the same time on PS2 and never had any problems.

Thanks man I appreciate it

effin 6’ gamecube cords

what were they thinking

So it add ZERO lag, on all consoles?

Not true, it really depends on the quality of the cable and what console you’re using extension cables for. I’ve read places that for USB devices, extensions start to actually impact performance at around 20 feet of cable, though let’s be frank, when are you EVER going to need that much cabling?

They won’t add any appreciable lag. Signals travel through electrical wires at around 1/3 of the speed of light. It would take about 1.5 thousand kilometers of cable to introduce one frame of lag.

What extension cables do do, however, is slightly degrade the signal. At some point, the signal gets degraded enough so that the console might misinterpret the commands. I want to say that for your typical USB cable it happens at around 20-30 feet or so.

5 meters (16.4 feet) is the maximum for USB 2.0 cables. The lag we are talking about here is way under what you are going to perceive. USB 2.0 spec requires less than 5.2ns delay per meter of cable, and the cables they use are not very fancy, just twisted pair copper. Gamecube and other non-USB consoles surely have a lot less stringent requirements.

So yeah, effectively, no lag is added. If you go so long that your signal becomes unreliable then you’ll have dropped inputs, but not really lag.

For some reason, I want to design a setup that will require that much cabling. Hmm… I wonder how big the monitor/screen will have to be for that, 30 feet?